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the sermon (standard:Inspirational stories, 1076 words)
Author: AnonymousAdded: Dec 22 2009Views/Reads: 1505/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
some times we must take a good look at ourselves... to see what path we are walking on in life.. we must find God to find ourselves... we must admit our weak frail humaness... we cannot fix ourselves but God can...

First of all let me say how good it is to be behind this alter of God ,
and to be with you God fearing folks. Today I would like to preach if 
the lord would allow me to be his mouth peace, let me tell your first 
hand. I am not here to make any glory for myself or to put on a show 
for you, but to give you what God would have for you to hear on this 
day, did you  know that some folks that go to church ever Sunday and 
set in the same seats that they are use to setting in and never listen 
to the sermon, they are just setting their paying hardly any attention 
ever , you could call one of them up and hour later after the worship 
service and ask them what the preacher preached about and they would 
not have a clue, Let us see what such persons would be that way, answer 
is this they are not interested in but one thing and that is just being 
in church,, to be accounted in the number of the Christian is one thing 
  , but being in church listening is what God would require, How can we 
grow less we listen?  Does a child learn in school if he not listen to 
what the teacher is saying, and trying to get some learning across to 
the child. When we pray  our prayers to God would we want God to listen 
and hear our request,?  what if God was like some of the humans of 
today, who does not listen but sets in seat of  church not interested 
enough to even listen to the preacher who if is a real called man of 
God would sure not want to waste his time and words for people who were 
just there for all the wrong reason .. We find ourselves bored with 
church , sin has got into our lives,  and then our interest in God is 
gone  from us... how can one fix this in his or her life, when a bored 
like feeling come over a person something is wrong, that person, 
certainly noting ever gets wrong with God .. These modern times men and 
woman are not humble , and being humble is what God wants from his 
children,  did you ever notice a  young child that is humble , how he 
is so meek . He or she is not forward or sassy , but of a humble 
nature, when God see humbleness in people he always exalts that 
person.. But if a man or woman be proud they are abased  that old 
saying pride comes before a fall,  this surely applies to all that fall 
into pride.. I being a Kentucky minister who was called of God, and I 
know that without God I am noting,. To be real honest not any one 
deserves anything from God ...for we have all sinned and come short of 
the glory of  God.. How can we see anything within our person that 
would be pleasing to God? When a person takes a real look at themselves 
..they will find they have many problems , many faults , many things in 
their lives that are against the will of God for their lives...most of 
my  ministry I have been rejected made fun of .. Put down by some so 
called preachers , who put themselves above me , because of their 
college bible school training. Country called preachers are not so 
often even recognized as being preacher and called of God.. If anyone 
had a reason to hate some of them I would , but I don't for the lord 
will not allow me to  be that low , I know who I am and what I am . God 
showed me threw his holy word.. I don't and want allow myself to be 
hater of those that probably despise me , the only thing I have to 
prove is  that God loves you .. I know what I am and can tell  you that 
God is real and he really loves us all... God don't look at how much 
smarts a person has in education , or how rich folks is , and how high 
in society a person is... God is not at all interested  in men wealth 
or social perspective... God looks at a man or woman hearts, he want to 
see humbleness . Caring.. He wants us to love one another, and to 
forgive each other of our trespasses.. Is that too much to ask us to 
do? I think not!!   If you are reading this it is not just by chance 
but by the will of God or you would never had stumbled on this in the 
first place.. Why has folks got so proud at heart, where is the old 
path of worshipers ,? what has become of true fellowship and worship? 
What has happen to man that he is far from God,? Our nation slogan is( 
in God we trust.).  Its on our money .. And the atheist will have that 
removed before its over with.  Have we got so self centered that we 
have left God out of our lives , what has happen to so many that don't 
care for noting anymore, ?I know that they are some that walk in the 
old path of the lords commandment. They have committed their lives to 
the lord  .. They don't walk after the world and worldly things, Can 
people change from bad to good ? Yes by letting go of themselves and 
taking the hand of God that he might lead to a wonderful spirit filled 
peaceful joyful life. Believe it or not some folks in this life are 
humble some are caring , some see themselves as what they are frail 
human beings  in need of God grace and help.. If you're a person that 
want God to show you what your really are , just ask God and he will 
hear your prayer and  show you who you really are,  .. If you would be 
so kind to email me I would be thankful  to anyone that might of got a 
blessing  from my words from my heart.( Sin will keep you from God ), 
and (the Bible will keep you from sin)... give me and email and say 
hello to a old country preacher at 


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