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the effect of prayer (standard:Inspirational stories, 800 words)
Author: stanley mcqueen kentucky backwoods writerAdded: Dec 24 2009Views/Reads: 2567/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
the very key to man spirtual well being is praying from earnest hearts

The effects of prayer First off what is prayer? Praying is the very key
and supplication to God, a person who has and active earnest prayer 
life this  will guarantee a close communion with the lord, ..Did Jesus 
pray? All threw the bible you will find the lord Jesus Christ in 
praying Jesus taught us to pray , he prayed along his earthly journey 
and left us and example of the importance of preying in the life of the 
believers.. Why did Jesus pray ? He is the son of the living God and he 
prayed unto his father for strength and guidance . Showing us the 
reason that folks need and active prayer life, if Jesus prayed don't 
this teach us that we must pray  because we are known to be weak human 
flesh creatures. Surely in need of help and guidance.. How should 
Christian pray ? Preying from the depths of the heart in earnest , 
seeking help from deep sincere longing from the heart.. A dry spoken 
prayer not from the earnest of heart is useless and to no avail. And 
vein.. Show me a person who has a prayer life and I will show you a 
Christian who is successful in all his ways. Show me a person that 
never prays and I will show you a  weak  unsuccessful  Christian How 
often does folks forget to have prayer in their lives? And how often 
does folks forget the importance of talking to God, God is the source 
of men strength, and  can help man if he ask God from his whole and 
earnest heart... Be honest with yourself how many times have you  
actually poured out your heart before God in earnest prayer . Please 
don't fool yourself and lie to yourself and to God...if you like most 
and will be honest you prayer life is weak .. I would say that seventy 
percent of Christians has weak prayer life , and every one wonders what 
wrong in the spiritual lives of many professed Christians. Before I got 
saved and God converted my heart I had no love for anyone of anything 
on hearth, but when I confessed to God my sins and acknowledge myself 
as a sinner in need of God grace and forgiveness, we must hold on the 
facts that God wants good for our lives, he want us the love him from 
the whole hearts . Above all others .. He desires our love, as we 
desire love from others, can't we see all that God wants is our love 
and devotion to him.. This is what God is asking from each of us .. Is 
this too hard for us to do is simply love God, and more love thy 
neighbor as thy loves thyself .. What happens when we love God. ? 
Results we then love each other, love bounces from God to us and then 
to others is the most powerful emotion know to man.. God is 
love.. And love is God... its just that simple!! It two day before 
Christmas  and may we go back to the birth of the lord Jesus Christ who 
was born In a barn where cattle were kept and other beast of the field 
.. There were no room in the inn ... for Mary to give birth to the king 
of kings and lord of lords,. Just like today folks have no room for the 
lord Jesus in their lives.. No time for praying. No time to worship, no 
time to spare. Let us go back to the garden when Jesus was awaiting the 
arrest of the Romans , he preyed in that garden , because he needed 
strength to bare the burden of dieing for our sins. Let us remember he 
was In the form of  fleshly man, who could feel pain and sorrow just as 
any fleshly man can feel, he dreaded the cross because he was flesh 
like we all are... did the spike hold him to the cross?  No it was the 
love of mankind and his father God that held him to the cross. Our sins 
put the scars in his precious hands.. We nailed the spikes of . Our 
sins in his hand's we caused the pain  and  grief he suffered ... we 
are the guilty ...we caused him pain and death .. If he prayed . Should 
we pray ? The question is simply to answer .. May the lord be with you 
and your family and help you to remember to prey . And to seek God 
guidance that you might have strength to live in this sinful world . In 
peace and joy, If you would be so kind give me and email and say hello 
to and old mountain preacher  at 


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