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what people do who called themselves Chrisians (standard:Inspirational stories, 731 words)
Author: stanley mcqueen kentucky backwoods writerAdded: Dec 28 2009Views/Reads: 2102/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
this is more a sermon than a story .. read and see if you agree with and old mountain backwoods preacher

What people do who called themselves Christian.. 

Did you ever notice how some people who called themselves Christians ,
treat some people. Reading the Bible has open my mind up to  the truth 
of what it takes to be a real born again Christian, first off those 
that get saved will have a complete change of heart and a change of 
their ways, the bible says when conversion happens all things become 
new and a person becomes a new creature in Christ , the sin in their 
live has been deleted and is wipe away. Temptation and factors of the 
flesh remain, a battle of two different natures now, before a person is 
born again and converted in heart and mind and soul . The person walk 
in a canal nature, but the spiritual birth comes in affect at the point 
 when God saved their souls, Isn't it funny and most disturbing how 
some people get so caught up in themselves, they claim they love 
everyone , but some people they make difference in  people , they treat 
some people accordingly, and others they reject and have noting to do 
with, I think and know when a person is really a good Christian that he 
or she will treat all with the same dignity and respect. We have 
certain so called faith groups that has noting to do with folk of the 
same  faith,  there is one lord one faith and one baptism, its as 
simple as that, and what Is wrote is in the bible, and you or I cannot 
get around that or change that, fact, I dare you claim you're a good 
Christian and treat people like dirt and with disrespect , God don't 
care how pretty your face is or how smart you are  in this world ,or 
what you chose the wear, he is interested in you being in love with him 
and worshipping him in spirit and in truth, If your a Christian be one 
and don't be  and actor or a pretender, by the way God knows what we 
all are right down to the hairs on our head, so you cannot fool God and 
don't even try.. I know in my heart if your reading this you have meet 
people who claimed they  are Christians, and they make difference with 
people they are around, I am a minister and I have had men tell me that 
were preachers that the love me , and they would not even let me preach 
in their church that they were pasturing , it's a shame folks do such 
things as hurt people feeling and  claim they are Christians , what 
will send more people to hell than anything  here is the word neglect!! 
Neglect !!! Neglect!! To repent of their sins and be saved,  what keeps 
people from God is themselves , serving themselves. Not wanting to let 
go of themselves, You never thought of that before did you. don't you 
hate how some people treat you, don't you deplore those that think they 
are better than you? Will people like this are far from God , because 
God hates a proud person, he deplores them,  he hates that part of them 
 that has pride eating away at their character, Stuck up people have 
few friend, just the ones they accept is all, and most of the ones that 
they befriend is just like they are to the mark.. Christian folks are 
told of God to humble themselves... but ask yourself this blunt 
question how many people do I know that are really earnestly humble? 
Most people would soon tear your head off and spit in your face than to 
be humble in their hearts.. No wonder the world is falling apart each 
day , because nations of the world are not humbling themselves before 
the lord God who is creator of all men and the world. He made the 
season, spring ,summer and fall and winter, all for a certain reason, 
in the winter ever things get a rest , the trees the animals , the bugs 
die out and a new cycle start again in the spring again, What a good 
place to be if the world would wake up and start loving God and their 
neighbors , just ponder a thought on my last statement and you,ll know 
the answer to that question... 


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