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Mountain preaches sermon (standard:Inspirational stories, 1583 words)
Author: stanley mcqueen kentucky backwoods writerAdded: Dec 28 2009Views/Reads: 1923/1087Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
sermon on the mountain

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sometimes be to late to ever finish. You folks remember old Job in the 
bible who the devil wanted to have a hold on and the lord allowed the 
devil to take Job and to what he wanted with him, and how old job 
endured to the end, the poor man lost everything , his son and daughter 
his cattle everything but his wife, and she told Job to cuss the lord 
and go ahead and die, and he called her a foolish woman, Jobs wife was 
a quitter, sure as your setting on them  church benches, she was a 
quitter, How many folks do you know after they lost everything would 
continue on and have endurance, like old Job did,? Job never done 
anything to cause God to allow this to happen to him, I think this 
happen to Job so it would be passed down to us, in the holy Bible.  So 
we conclude that God had a purpose for the chapter of the history of 
Job for us to read and preach unto this  days that would come hereafter 
. Folks that endure will be secure .!!!. That it folks who will endure 
will most certainly be secure!! You folks here have showed me your not 
quitters, you have made me proud of you all,.. God leads men to good 
pastors , he molds men to good ways, and help man to live in this harsh 
environment , These old rocky ridges are hard to turn the ground for 
corn planting, the roots that spread wide on virgin grown makes for 
hard plowing, but that don't stop men with endurance backbones, I 
recall when old man collier shack caught a afire and burnt down about 
two summer back , and the poor old fellow lost all his clothes and 
belongings and how you all pitch in and built him a cabin better than 
the one that burnt up, and how the woman folks made him new clothes and 
all, now that is what God wants to see , folks working together , not 
for the glory of the name of doing it , but for one sake and that is  
for Godly earnest love for their neighbors.. I feel it is a honor to 
serve you mountain  folks and to be the barer of the lord Holy word,  
for under the stars of these Muddy Fork mountain lives  men who are 
strong and not the hot or the cold or the harsh or the wind will keep 
you all from enduring unto the end of your days on earth.. And I close 
Giving God the thanks to be a part of something so powerful and good as 
the fellowship of good honest hardworking saints that I have come to 
love and to know personally  who will be with me in heaven on that 
great and noble day of the lord . Thanks for coming says the good 
pastor of Muddy Fork . Our little short preacher stands the shortest 
man in Muddy Fork county , but for me he is the tallest of all men I 
ever meet.... The end 


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