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Mountain preaches sermon (standard:Inspirational stories, 1583 words)
Author: stanley mcqueen kentucky backwoods writerAdded: Dec 28 2009Views/Reads: 2153/1266Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
sermon on the mountain

Mountain preacher Sermon Standing before behind the crude pine alter is
the slim little preacher who's' name is Woodrow Bishop. He has been the 
pastor of the little goose chapel church since I was knee high to a 
grasshopper, he is a short little man, ugly and has never been married, 
he come to the part from the south, settlement about two hundred miles 
away, paw said all he had in his saddle bag was a big holy Bible, folks 
took to his fast, he was a meek humble person, hard working, and 
honest, and one of the best preachers that has ever stood behind the 
little pine alter in the goose rock chapel church, he has never been 
married and said he was raised up Ohio and was the only son of his 
departed mother and father, who raise his in the fear of the lord, 
Today Rev Bishop begins his Sunday sermon, the little church house is 
crammed pack , some folks half stand around the wall outside of the 
church benches,  folks around these part take serious their religion , 
I listen as the Good preacher start the sermon. My seat is near the 
front and I was glad of that so I could hear him good, Folks I welcome 
each and everyone that has come today, its good to see little goose 
chapel church fat with people , today I bring you good words, from the 
lord, today I want to go back to where I was born up in Ohio county, 
paw was a corn farmer like most of you all are that is here under the 
sound of my voice,. Him and maw were hard working, in their crops, they 
raised me up to work and to be honest, our little cabin was not big 
enough to whip a cat in,  maw kept the little shack clean as a hounds 
tooth,.  Paw cut timber raised corn and kept hogs and a few cows, we 
were poor folk like everyone else, it isn't no dishonor to be poor,  
paw was a minister like me called of God , he taught me to fear the 
lord ,  I was sixteen when a man killed paw , shot him down while he 
was preaching one spring Sunday,  paw had preached against whiskey 
making and whiskey drinking, and the law that next week arrested  a man 
and put him in jail, well the man got out about a year later, and he 
thought paw was the one that turned him into the law, so he got drunk 
and shot my father and killed him, while he was preaching the Sunday 
sermon .. I was heart broken and maw cried for three day mourning paw 
death, it was hard on me and maw we had always depending on paw, he was 
the leader the one that guided us , I took over preaching at paw church 
and folks , we buried paw on a little point above the church there in 
Ohio, after maw passed I come here God told me to leave Ohio and come 
to Kentucky, and here I am standing here where the lord placed me . Now 
today I want to preach on endurance , which is a word hardly ever used, 
It mean putting your back against hardships and going on , no matter 
what kind of trouble befalls a saint endurance will lead them threw, 
how many times have you thought about just throwing your hand up and 
quitting the lord, ? That is what the devil would want ever saint her 
at Muddy Fork county to do is quit the lord.. What would that do for 
old Satan  if we all quit? Well whiskey and adultery and sin would 
bloom like the mountains flowers do here in the spring time.. What if 
the lord would had quit on us and never went to the cross and become 
our sacrifice , we would have all been doomed to hell is he has quit on 
us, Today I tell you saints of the lord , make no difference in each 
other, love one another , forgive one another ,be kind and  confess 
your fault and pray that the lord forgive each  of the fault each has.. 
We two mules pull against a wagon the wagon can move, but it one mule 
quit pulling the wagon will not be pulled by the one mule, and that the 
way it is here at little goose chapel church, we need to pull together 
that the spiritual plow keeps plowing . God don't what divisions he is 
a just God and he has no pets , he don't make any difference in folks 
and we are to follow his ways, God looks at a rich man and a poor man , 
and he only sees” two men. Some people thinks God favors them more than 
their neighbors and that not the truth, God favors no man.. What is the 
difference in a wise man and a  fool ? A fool despises correction, and 
wise man takes correction as a gift and acts on it as good 
instruction.. After paw die some of the members of  our church quit 
because they blame God for letting paw get killed, they quit they never 
endured they give up, because they looked at this in a carnal way.. Paw 
was ready for heaven no matter what killed him he was prepared to die, 
but they took it as a good reason to quit God, and they will answer  
for  their quitting , Cant you see folks that  giving up just don't 
work, and God will Is that he no one to quit, One thing I can say about 
the lord he is no quitter , there is no stopping him ,he finishes what 
he starts , he made ever living things to the start to the finish... I 
recall a man started to build a cabin back there in Ohio and when he 
got it about half threw he up and quit and never finished, and if a man 
was to go back their today he would see a half built cabin, the man 
give up and is still living in his old cabin, maybe he thought he do it 
later and later just kept him from ever starting again, later can 

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