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what do you want to see in people charactors? (standard:Inspirational stories, 649 words)
Author: stanley mcqueen kentucky backwoods writerAdded: Dec 30 2009Views/Reads: 1931/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
love description,

What you want to see in people What is the model person in your
perspective/? What do you want to see in other people character? In 
other word what pleases you to see  in other people character? Most 
would say right off that they would want to see someone humble and kind 
and forgiving and considerate ,. In today's world it is hard to find 
someone that has good character , the modern times has taken a lot of 
good values from the moral stand point like  it was some years ago, it 
is a known fact that when people are humble they are always with a good 
character, these types are always successful in their lives, because of 
the facts of being humble,  Did you ever think about what love does  
when it is in the lives of people, ? Love is a giver and a taker, love 
can be shared in can be multifold , love is always kind, it never seek 
it own, love don't covet another man goods, when people operated in 
love their lives are worth while, because love carries them to peaceful 
waters peaceful days,  let us consider those that  have hate and 
hostility in their heart and lives, they are never happy , they are 
always resentful of everything around them,... happiness is far away 
from these who have hate and malice in their daily lives... if you were 
asked a choice of which you would you want to have in your hearts , 
love or hate , which you would chose? I would hope you would say I 
chose love...lets look at what love does when folks follow it and have 
it in their lives ..first it creates happiness , fulfillment, joy , 
humbleness , gentleness, , love can made a black and white world into 
full color in ones lives.. Now preacher you might ask where do I find 
love ? Well you cannot buy love with money .. Nor can you carry a five 
gallon bucket of love to share it with others in that way.. But love 
can be shared, shared mean given and passed out to all that would be 
partakers, of this tribute... love bines relationships and love in 
enduring thing, it surpassed all other human emotions and achieves many 
great thing, love never fails it always holds together , love forgives, 
love  is a four letter word  easy spelled , and quoted” love can be 
felt in ones heart, Love can be shared can be given.. And love 
can make right all wrongs ...loved nailed the lord Jesus to the Calvary 
cross , love held him between the heaven and earth ,for the love of God 
 toward human people made and opportunity for all men to find love  
threw God and grace.. Now if  a man refuse love God will refuse man.. 
Its just that simple... most people you meet on the street don't know 
the value or the principle of love is..... Because they have not 
desired  to find love...God has and abundance of love to give all 
mankind, but mankind must be a partaken of God love to obtain love..., 
any religion that is not motivated in the percepts of love is vein and 
void .. For God would have all men to seek his love , and to act upon 
it accordingly . Love can forgive a multitude of sins and cover man 
with the free gift of grace , which is a gift not something man can 
earn or achieve on his own merits. It is good when we see folks walking 
in the love of God , they are like beckons of light,, to a darken world 
of ungodliness  , it is my hope that you let love find your heart, in 
so doing you will find rest and peace and joy unto your soul.... Thanks 
for reading .. 


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