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The run for Alice's life. (standard:fantasy, 456 words)
Author: Lord StoneAdded: Jan 04 2010Views/Reads: 1993/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Alice is a witch that has been trying to escape a vampire that has been trying to kill her and has been following her for sometime and has now followed her into a dark forest called Delahork Forest.

The Run for Alice's Life.                  By Lord Stone 

A cold and dark feeling suddenly came over Alice as she tiptoed through
the old forrest. Alice turned and looked over her shoulder. Something 
was very close to her, and she didn't like it. Alice hoped that it 
wasn't that vampire named Victor. She turned back around and made a 
sound some where between a squeek and a gasp. Victor was leaning up 
agenst the tree that Alice was fecing. His red eyes glemed in the 
darkness with sheer delight. "Going somewhere Witch," his toung rolled 
over the words smoothly. Alice hissed back, "Leave me be Victor." 
Victor laughed. Alice ran for it, she ran around the vampire as fast as 
possible. Victor let her go, and laughing said, "you think you can 
escape death again,well this time I will drink every drop of your 
blood." Victor then ran after her at a fast rate. 

Alice ran as fast as she could, and spotted a tree that was split into
an archway and ran through it. Alice suddenly appeared a mile away and 
kept on running. Victor soon came apun the tree and stoped at it. The 
witch was nowhere near here. Victor thought to himself, "The only way 
for her not to be anywhere near here is for her to have warped and this 
tree smells of a recient use in magic." Victor smelled the tree and 
caught the trail that Alice was and heded in that direction. 

Meanwhile, Alice soon ran to a clearing and knew that she must cross it
to warp to safty. Sinse there were no trees, Alice couldn't warp 
anywhere. Alice hurried through the overgrouth and found she could see 
clearly here and looked up to see that a full moon had risen. As Alice 
was about halfway across the feld, she sensed Victor was close by. 
Alice thought to herself, "I've got nowhere to run and have hardly and 
magic, so this should stop him." Alice opened her hand and let off a 
small spark that spun in a downward spiral. Alice, not waiting to see 
if her spark did its work, crossed the feild and vanished into the tall 
trees on the other side. 

Back at the clearing, victor had just begun to race across the feild
when the small silver spark ignited. The spark put an emrald barror 
between the vampire and herself. Victor yelled in defeat. Alice had 
prevailed. "You can't escape death a third time Alice griffan," Victor 
yelled toards the path Alice had taken. 

A ways into the forest, Alice heard the shout from the defeated vampire
and said, "I've cheeted death more than you relize. I guess I've 
cheeted death aproximatly eight times." 



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