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Sibling Squarrels (standard:other, 4158 words)
Author: HopeAdded: Jan 20 2010Views/Reads: 1562/910Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Regan and Reilly are fighting head on whilst dad struggles with his promotion and mum's finding it hard to cope with the baby. Arden and Aimee try to keep the peace.

Ominously I sneaked up on my sister Regan, closing the small gap between
us with my professional, silent and ninja-like movements. Getting ready 
to pounce onto her unsuspecting back, I noticed my tabby cat Grantham 
slink between the legs of the dining room table. Please, I thought 
desperately, don't come over here. Then I leaped into the air, but 
Grantham, always in the wrong place at the wrong time, decided to stand 
right where my feet were, therefore tripping me up halfway through me 
leap and sending me headfirst into my oblivious sister. Both of us went 
sprawling onto the kitchen table, Regan's face slapping straight down 
into the book she was reading. My legs had been caught painfully 
somewhere between the chair and the table, jamming my knees into my 
sisters back. Yelling in pain as I tried to move them, she lifted her 
head off the kitchen table and I saw that she had a dreadful blood 
nose. Wiggling my legs just a bit more I managed to dislodge them from 
behind my sister, causing her another grunt of pain as I accidentally 
kicked her in the head with my left foot. Once I was free I jumped down 
from the table and hurried into the kitchen, frantically searching for 
something that would soak up my sister's blood. This is why I hate 
being left alone at home without our parents, I thought, I always end 
up hurting someone or something, and then I can never find what I need 
to fix what I did. I glanced worryingly back into the dining room. 
Surely Regan didn't have that much blood in her body? I don't know 
anyone that bleeds that much! It was all over her face, and a bit had 
dripped onto her Owl City T-shirt. Now I had panic running through my 
system, as well as annoyance at Grantham and guilt at hurting Regan. I 
finally spotted the paper kitchen roll and sprinted back to the dining 
room. Regan was sitting there, head tilted back and fingertips pinching 
the bridge of her nose. “Here Regan I got you some kitchen roll. You're 
not supposed to tilt backwards, you're supposed to lean forwards so 
that the blood doesn't clog up your airways.” I was very proud of my 
knowledge of nosebleeds; the nurse at school had told me all about them 
when I got a nosebleed during baseball practice. “I know that you 
dingbat, I was just doing this so no blood would get on the table cloth 
for tonight's dinner party. God Reilly, sometimes I think you forget 
who's older and wiser than you in this family. Oh yeah that's right, 
me! Aimee and Arden aren't that far behind you either, and they're 
five!” She can be really annoying sometimes. Actually she cane really 
annoying all the time. She could be annoying for Perth, she could be 
annoying for Australia, she could be annoying for the world, she could 
be.... anyway, I hope you get what I mean. “Oh right the table cloth, 
hope I didn't rip it.” I said, searching for any rips from when I fell 
on it. Mum gets really worked up about these big dinners. This one 
tonight is for dad's boss, and his wife. They're going to talk about 
dad getting a promotion. I scowled, a promotion in dad's work meant 
leaving Perth and going somewhere big, like Melbourne or Sydney. I 
didn't want to leave Perth, I liked it here, and I liked my school and 
my friends and my tae-kwon-do classes on a Monday evening. I wouldn't 
be able to go to my friend's houses at the weekend if we moved, I 
couldn't travel three hours every Friday by plane just to go to Mason's 
or Ryder's or Scott's. I'd be bored. “You're dead Reilly.” I looked up 
to see Regan staring at me, the only remains of her nosebleed being the 
bloody scrunched up tissue in her hand and he blood speckled T-shirt. 
“Umm, yeah maybe that wouldn't be such a good idea; you look a bit 
light-headed and I'm a bit tired...” I dwindled off as Regan slowly 
stood up, her hands balled into fists. I took a shaky step backwards, 
eyeing her thunderous face cautiously. “Do you have any idea what a 
stupid idea that was?” She basically yelled in my face. Oh how I hated 
being so much shorter than her, she towered over me like a skyscraper 
next to a bungalow. When did dad saw he'd be back from the twin's 
friend's birthday party? Surely he should be back by now... “You 
could've knocked my two front teeth out! How did you expect me to have 
my yearbook photo taken with my two front teeth missing? I would've 
looked like a third grader! And did you even think about what Grayson 
would've thought when he saw me without my two front teeth?” Oh here we 
go with Grayson again, Regan's crush since year six. She hated it when 
I called it a crush, she was adamant that it was more than that, even 
though I hadn't ever seen him talk to her all the way through last 
year, when I'd finally gotten out of my god awful primary school and 
made my way to the local senior school where Regan goes. She hated that 
I was now in senior school with her because she loved thinking of me as 
her stupid little baby brother. Well, I'll show her just how not stupid 
I can be. “Well maybe not having your two front teeth will make you 
more attractive. You never know, I don't think you could go further 
down from here in the beauty department.” There, now who's the baby? 
“Maybe you should follow you own advice and knock out your teeth, then 

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