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The Storm (standard:poetry, 258 words)
Author: Jackr108Added: Sep 17 2000Views/Reads: 2454/6Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Is this Life or is this just a long Thunderstorm?

The darkness moves in slowly and squeezes the light out of existence.
With the embrace of darkness overcoming the world, a cold chill runs 
through your body. With every hair on your bare arm stimulated, you 
realize that without the light there can be no warmth. A sudden drop of 
wetness trickles down your face. You run for protection but there is 
none around. You realize that you will have to endure this darkness and 
coldness alone. Time passes without you knowing how long, has it been 
weeks, days, or hours? The loneliness overcomes your hope of seeing the 
light again. You sink to the ground and curl up in a tight ball and 
lower your head asking God for a small glean of light. As to answer 
your prayers the wetness on your face slows. You look up to the heavens 
and you see a ray of light. A strong bright light cracks through the 
darkness. With the ray of light comes strength you thought long gone. 
You stand in awe at the sight. That one ray of light has multiplied ten 
folds. A smile comes to your face. The light has finally over come the 
dreaded darkness. You feel the warmth of the light on your face. You 
embrace it with all your heart. You say a silent pray and thank God for 
watching over you. As if to say you are welcome, a shining rainbow 

Now ask yourself one question. Is this a thunderstorm or is this your

Written by: Jack R Frances 


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