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Careful what you wish for (standard:adventure, 3373 words)
Author: vcoeaoAdded: Jul 04 2010Views/Reads: 2575/2647Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A woman becomes bored with her life but when she is picked to a the foreperson of a jury, her life takes a turn.

Dull, boring, pathetic.  These words kept running thru Ginger's mind
when she thought about her life.  No one special and nothing special; 
she just seemed to blend in with her surroundings.  It was the same old 
story every day----sleep, work, eating (too much) and then there were 
the movies.  She could get lost in the movies, dreaming of being the 
heroine and getting the hunky guy that would lavish her with love and 
gifts and travel and make her life wonderful and worth living.  Oh 
well, back to reality and this horribly dull job.  If she didn't 
concentrate on what she was doing, Mr. Beeler would start screaming at 
her again.  Little did Ginger know that her life wasn't going to be 
dull and boring for much longer. 

The trial of the leader of the Dominic crime family, was about to begin
in Moore County in two weeks. Dominic has been charged with extortion, 
robberies, and murder among other things along with several members of 
his family. The case had received tremendous media attention and other 
members of the family had made repeated threats to anybody who might be 
members of the jury. 

Mr. Robert Minchello, lead District Attorney prosecuting the case
realized that he needed to get people from neighboring counties that 
had no ties to Moore County. He started to make several telephone calls 
to other District Attorneys around the area to get a pool of jurors.  
One of the telephone calls was to Janine Young, a district attorney in 
the next county over from Moore County. 

“Hello, Ms. Young's office” answered the receptionist.  “Can I please
speak with Janine Young?”  She answered momentarily, and Robert 
Minchello proceeded to identify himself.  “As you probably know, the 
trial of the Dominic crime family leader is scheduled in a couple 
weeks.   I'm trying to get some jurors that haven't been affected by 
the media attention or the crime family”.  “No problem, be glad to 
help” said Ms. Young.  “I'll look through my files and see who is next 
for jury duty and I'll get back to you.”  “Thanks, I look forward to 
talking with you again” said Minchello and hung up. 

Janine went to her file cabinet and pulled out the file labeled “JURY
DUTY”.  She opened the file and took the first name off the list – 
Ginger Martin.  Janine called Ginger to advise her of the news that she 
had been selected for jury duty. “Hello, Ginger, this is Janine Young, 
I'm the DA here in the county, and your name has been picked for jury 
duty”.  Excitement bristled and an enthusiastic Ginger said, “Ok, when 
and where should I report? “  She asked no questions; it was her 
moment, and she never gave a thought to anything else. 

“The trial that you have been picked for is in Moore County, but you
will have outstanding hotel accommodations, and I will personally drive 
you to the courthouse so you don't have to use your own vehicle.   
Ginger couldn't help smiling with her sudden self importance.  She'd 
been singled out to be on this jury----a new experience in a new place. 
 Maybe her life would take a turn for the better.  Before she could 
hang the phone up, her mind was off developing her own movie where she 
was at the center of the court proceedings. 

A couple weeks later, Janine picked Ginger up from her house and drove
her to Moore County Courthouse. Ginger was approximately 62 years old, 
5'6, pleasantly plump with dull brown eyes she hated and short auburn 
hair.  She'd used the trial as an excuse to make herself shop, 
something she despised, and actually looked quite nice in her black 
pants suit and crisp white blouse.  Janine and Ginger made general 
conversation as they drove to Moore County. 

Ginger arrived at the courthouse for jury selection and later that
afternoon she was picked for the jury.   Not realizing the magnitude of 
the case because she had never heard of the Dominic crime family and 
did not keep up with the news, she volunteered to be foreperson of the 
jury.   No one else seemed interested in being the foreperson which 
Ginger still didn't understand.  Of well, she'd be in the spotlight and 
they'd all have to pay attention to her now.   As the jury was being 
picked, members of the Dominic crime family were inside the courtroom 
taking notes and plotting their next moves. 

Back at the their small house in a deserted area outside of town, the
crime boss' two daughters, Wanda and Jackie, a couple of middle aged 
women with tattoos all over their bodies, were coming up with a plan to 

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