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TERMINAL (standard:drama, 1340 words)
Author: BENTLINKAdded: Jul 04 2010Views/Reads: 1679/956Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
There are lots of ways to grab a buck but some turn out to be a little odd.

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bus people to tape the suitcase back together for me and I could still 
get something out of it.  I poured all the smelly crap out of the 
suitcase into the nearest dumpster and walked back inside. 

The baggage and package guy did a fair tape job on the suitcase.  I was
careful to hold the halves together while he taped it up because I sure 
did not want him to get a whiff of the insides.  By the way, did I 
mention the smell seemed to be getting worse all the time? 

After he gave me a couple of odd sideways looks the package guy said
“The Las Vegas express is delayed and will be at least two hours late 
leaving here for the return trip.  It's just me but I would take that 
local leaving for Vegas in five minutes.  It makes a few quick stops at 
some small towns on the way but you will have it almost to yourself 
because hardly anyone rides until the weekend.  You know folks going 
home on their days off.  The local will get you there at least an hour 
sooner than the late running express and it won't be a bit crowded.” 

The luggage package guy sure seemed to know his stuff.  There was no way
I was going to sit on that stinking messed up suitcase all the way to 
Vegas so I make a quick trip back to the alley threw the awful smelling 
thing into a dumpster and then made it back inside just in time to 
catch the Las Vegas local.  The money was at Vegas like the old fat guy 
promised and I won seventy-five bucks in less than an hour playing 

I got a cheap motel room just off the strip took a shower cause I could
still sort of smell the fat guy's dirty shorts on me.  As I was 
toweling drying my hair the TV was talking about a tragic accident.  It 
seemed like a garbage truck in LA had mysteriously exploded.  The truck 
driver and his helper were at lunch and not hurt.  The news people were 
making a big deal out of this cause the explosion was so strong it 
split the back of the truck wide open.  So violent they said that it 
killed a wheelchair bound retired interstate bus driver that had the 
bad luck to be passing by in his handicap equipped van.  It was a big 
sob story because the old boy was a retired vet that had just a month 
before gone through a divorce and only two months before that lost a 
damage suit against a bus company. 

I hate using motel shampoo because it dries out my hair and makes it
blow every which way.  Wonder what I would have to do to get room 
service in this dump?  I could sure afford it now that I had the old 
farts five hundred and my newly won seventy five.  Maybe they deliver 
pizza and beer. 


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