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TERMINAL (standard:drama, 1340 words)
Author: BENTLINKAdded: Jul 04 2010Views/Reads: 1939/1158Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
There are lots of ways to grab a buck but some turn out to be a little odd.


I was hanging out around the bus station you know to score a handout or
maybe cop a suitcase or even a handbag of some dumb ass not street wise 
enough to keep one hand on their stuff while they were buying their 
ticket.  Hell one time I took a guy's bag while he had his back turned 
checking the outbound board.  A local undercover cop came in the front 
door and so I faded out the side exit and made like I was going outside 
to take a smoke.  I had just gotten to the curb when this beat-up 
looking van pulled up alongside the loading zone sign.  At first I 
thought it might be somebody stupid trying to score some dope.  I have 
never been so pressed for cash I would sling dope and besides only a 
complete idiot would try to peddle at the bus station with all the cops 
and closed circuit surveillance TV. 

“How about helping an old man out” he says. 

I thought that maybe he wanted help carrying something heavy or some
such but as it turned out it was my chance to make some real money for 
a change. 

“I been sick and need somebody to do me a big favor.  I am willing to
pay the right person and you look like you could use some extra cash.  
Hop in and I will explain I can't park here in this loading zone.” 

At the mention of cash, I knew I had a sucker on the hook so I climbed
in and we drove down the street to the first open parking space.  What 
a weird dude so fat you could hardly even see his eyes and he smelled 
really bad too.  From the looks of him, I was pretty sure he was too 
weak and sick to want to have some kind of kinky sex but I held both 
hands over my crouch until after we parked and he started talking. 

“OK here is the deal I want to surprise one of the bus cleaners in the
Las Vegas terminal but I am too weak and sick to make the trip so I 
want you do it for me.  Just ride the bus to Vegas for me no questions 
ask and I will give you five hundred bucks    When the bus stops just 
take off and don't come back.  Take this suitcase and be sure it gets 
on the Las Vegas Express bus with you.  You have this chance to do 
something worthwhile and make someone very happy so please do as I ask 
and the money will be waiting for you at the telegraph office in Las 
Vegas, I promise.” 

It was a wonder the old boys wheel chair could even hold him, part of
him spilled off the back edge of the thing and he stuck out both sides 
where the seat and armrests joined.  Did I mention the smell? 

“If I could get out of this damn chair I would love to do this little
job myself but as you see this chair and me are not going to be apart 
anytime soon.  Just put this little bag under the seat about in the 
middle of the bus, soon as you get to the Vegas terminal just leave it 
there get off, go on your way.” 

I thought the whole deal threw for maybe twenty seconds.  Hell what
could go wrong?  I could sleep for the whole ride pick up some real 
money for a change maybe even win a little something shooting craps or 
playing blackjack get some free drinks and live like a real high roller 
for a few days so I said “OK”. 

He drove around the block pulled up to the terminal handed me a one way
bus ticket, a little suitcase and I was out the door of his crummy van 
in a flash.  I walked into the bus station's front door.  As soon as I 
was sure, he could ho longer see me I went straight out the back of the 
terminal and into the alley across the street.  I was dying to know 
what was in the little suitcase.  I found a short piece of angle iron 
in the alley and started to work on the case's cheap lock and latches, 
soon I was looking at a couple of pair of dirty under shorts and a 
black lace ladies bra wrapped around a big chunk of milk chocolate or 
maybe it was brown shoe polish with some wires coming out of it's 

Man, what a let down, since the ticket was a discounted one that was not
refundable the only thing worth a damn was the little suitcase and I 
had screwed up the lock on that.  If I was going to get anything out of 
this deal it would be after I rode the stupid bus six or seven hours 
and then only if the fat guy kept his promise.  Maybe I could get the 

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