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hope in my heart (standard:other, 276 words)
Author: kathygAdded: Aug 06 2010Views/Reads: 2157/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Hope sings in my heart despite how the world looks today. Let people say what they may about me, but I know the truth.

Hope sings in my heart is something I learned from my mother. She was a
brave woman and life was good to her. 

Hope is what brings sunshine into your life and gives you the courage to
move forward in life.  To push yourself beyond your comfort zone and 
smile when the world tells you that you are not good enough. 

You may put on your best clothes and live in a fabulous zip code, but if
your smile is fake and your words are false, what good is the pretense? 

Hope lets you stand tall and happy in your own skin, despite what others
may say or think about you. You know better! 

Your true friends will stand by you and tell you the truth, even if it
hurts to hear it.  Be kind to all you meet because you never know what 
pain that may linger in their own hearts.  Love is stronger than fear. 
Fear is only "fake experience appearing real" . The emotion of fear in 
true terms is most likely to keep you from harm. Mostly to run away 
from danger.  Good in some situations but mostly try to use your common 
sense. Don't judge to quickly, be fair in your judgements.  Be kind. 
Keep hope in your heart. 

The world needs more hope. Less complacency. More love, smiles and
light-hearted happiness.  Try to marvel at something beautiful and let 
yourself enjoy the moments that are yours and yours alone. 

It's your life, let hope fill your heart and remember you are one
marvelous human being. 

Thanks for being you, my friend! 

Be hopeful for a grand future! It's all yours!


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