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Where is our culture? (standard:Editorials, 453 words)
Author: TanadaAdded: Aug 08 2010Views/Reads: 1435/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Cultures tend to go through stages of development, what stage is our culture in?

Those who study history learn that during the birth, growth, decline and
fall of a civilization/culture you go through a series of stages. 

The first stage is Bondage and is the most stable for reasons that
should be apparent. Those who are keeping others in bondage derive the 
benefits of the system and seek to keep the bonded downtrodden, 
ignorant and complacent. At some point the Bondsmen throw off the yoke 
of their society and become free at which point you have: 

Stage two, Liberty! This is when anyone can do anything so long as they
don't annoy the neighbors to the point of causing violence. This is a 
rollicking good time for most people and was epitomized by the 
1783-1811 period of American history. 

Stage three, Abundance, is a natural outgrowth of Liberty, all those
people doing what they want when they want manage to do a lot of things 
that accumulate wealth, in the process cultural and individual wealth 
grows rapidly. 

Stage four, Greed, is when the culture has shifted a bit and the people
then alive see the abundance created by their predecessors and want to 
do even better for themselves. 

Stage five, Complacency, when even the greedy have everything they could
possibly want people come to think of a certain high standard of living 
as being their birthright, they no longer have to strive to achieve 
instead they have more than the poor of other nations can even imagine 
having in their wildest dreams. 

Stage six, Apathy, this is the stage where the youth in the
culture/civilization don't take any interest in anything requiring 
effort. Everything from education to work ethic declines, the 
hedonistic philosophy of 

"Eat Drink and be Merry, for tomorrow we die!" 

takes root in the culture. So called Moral Fiber degrades and the
culture turns to earthly pleasures to entertain itself above all other 

Stage seven, Dependency, this is the point where leaders arise who
promise the party will go on forever, as long as you put them in 
charge. The people in the culture willingly give up the right to think 
for themselves in return for a complete abdication of personal 

Stage eight, Bondage, this usually follows quickly after dependency as
the powers that be encourage the 'lower class' to just go along and get 
along, don't worry be happy and let us make all the decisions for you. 
After a generation or two the bondsmen are now so ignorant they believe 
that their ancestors were always bondsmen and their decedents will 
always be bondsmen because it is the 

"Natural Order" 

Where do you think we are culturally, and if you don't like this stage
what are you doing to change it? 


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