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However (standard:poetry, 193 words)
Author: Lord StoneAdded: Aug 28 2010Views/Reads: 1605/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
However and now it may be, If you click to read then you are meant to read.

However by Lord Stone. 

However it may be, whatever the outcome, whatever choice we make, there
often is a question, of what ye see. 

Many things are left unsaid, and many books are to still be read, and of
one still true thing, I am the Possibilisizer, and I do see. 

I have been proven wrong, and been proven right, there goes the moon, on
its irrational, flight. 

And yet so far, I do believe, that change is coming, don't you see? 

And I remember of  story's spell, and the first raised her wand, and
said, "One and one and one are we.", Then came the words of the second, 
"With triple vision we are able to see.", then came the voice of the 
third, "And with all the magic powers of three." And together they 
cried in perfect unison, "We make Perfect Harmony." 

And so they chanted their last spell, when came the time to go back on,
Magic's course, then they were stripped of power, and life went on 
without hatred or remorse. 

However sad a story may be, and whatever on earth I see. there my Father
will always, Be. 


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