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where might i go (standard:romance, 704 words)
Author: AnonymousAdded: Sep 19 2010Views/Reads: 1396/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
lovers tiring to find each other from meeting over a web site

jasmin a  20 year old has been looking for a nice men to marry but she
has not found one. 

mom im not going to be home for a few weeks. where might you be going im
going to irland to look for a guy i meet on line. 

jasmin sweety you know your just not going to fing him he will not be
there. he most likly lied about where he will be and you know that. no 
mom your wrong i know he will be there he gave me address and im going 
to see what he looks like. well arent you all growen up. you are 
justlike your father.well at lest tell me how old he is. mom he is 23 
years old hes rich and i dont want fro his money i just want to meet  
nice guy. 

so jasmin is on her why to irland and as she gets off she sees a guy
holding a sign that says jasmin. 

are you luke? no i am lukes buttler. he sent me here to pick you up. why
didt he come his self. he can not drive. oh, he did not tell me 
the way my is criss. well hello criss. so how far away does  luke live 
from the airport.not far, just a mile or two. so jasmin how old are you 
im 20 years old and im magerin in a bachlers dagree,. 

luke told me that i have to get a cab. well are we. you just hasve to
give where luke lives. 

so lets go get in the taxi. can you take us to 4567 longpike land drive.
sure thing miss. so where ya from im from scotland and im here to vist 
a firend or boyfirend maybe. ah, i have hread that one so many times it 
is not funny. 

we are here. good how much do i owe yo. no you dont ahve to pay me
anything hun. luke will pay for it. as a matter of fact here he comes. 
are you jasmin. yes, im jasmin. well youare mighty pretty thanks . 

so after jasmin got to lukes house she got a tour of the house. she went
out with luke she got a new dress and shes engaed to luke so they went 
back to the house and got it on and made passionet love. 

jasmin stayed for 5 months and she told her mother. mom im home. hi
honey well you  have been gone for a long time. yeah, i know. mom i 
have some thing to tell you. what is it honey well mom im getting 
marryed to luke. 

well thats big news jasmin. mom where is dad? he is up stairs taking a
nao cause he has to o to work in an hour. so  jasmin what do you want 
for dinner? i would like to bring luke insude and that go get daddy and 
then tell you what all three of us want to eat. jsmin how is the third 
person? well im pregnet mom with a baby boy. 

okay jasmin go get luke. hay jasmin. yeah mom whatys lukes last name
mcmattis. well thats  a nice last name. yeah i know. 

hay luke you can come in to the house now. but i need to tell you that
my dad may get pissed at you for getting me pregnet. no,he wont. honey 
yes he will get mad ans he has bad why didnt criss come with 
us luke.he come cause he wanted the house to him self.okay then just as 
long as he donts go through my stuff. 

well lets go inside now. okay ready. yeah. daddy how are you. good
little girl. lets have dinner know whats for dinner mom. well we are 
going out to eat. momma let me cook jasmin you are not 
coooking dinner and dont you have a few things to tell you dad. yeah, 
hay daddy. yes honey well this is luke. luke and i are getting marryed 
and we are having a baby 

so then 2 years  later luke and jasmin got married and have ther son and
named him luke jr. the y lived happly ever after 


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