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International Brotherhood of Sewage Workers (standard:Flash, 744 words)
Author: JuggernautAdded: Nov 01 2010Views/Reads: 3048/1578Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A story on workers at a city sewage plant in Midwest.

International Brotherhood of Sewage Workers 


Subba Rao 

“You are over qualified for this job,” said Rob looking at Juggernaut's

“Despite my over qualifications, I love to work at this place,”
Juggernaut looked humble. 

“This is a sewage treatment plant to process poop and industrial
effluent not a hi-tech or a biotech plant,” Rob was suspicious. 

“Every time I drove pass this facility, I fantasized working at this
place,” said Juggernaut with a straight face. 

“Are you sure you want to take this Job?” Rob was doubtful. 

I am pretty sure,” replied Juggernaut 

“You were hired,” said Rob with a big smile after the interview. “Thank
you,” “you know it was my life's dream to work here.” “Welcome aboard,” 
Rob's voice was friendly. 

“What's my title,” Juggernaut was in jolly good mood. 

“Let's call it Director of Environmental Compliance,” thoughtfully said

“It sounds pretty good.” “How much I make,” Juggernaut made an inquiry. 

“Say around 50 grand.” 

“I made twice the amount 10 years ago,” Juggernaut looked disappointed. 

“Suit yourself, you want title or money,” Rob threw a curve ball. 


“You won't get both.” “Choose one.” 

“I will take the title.” Juggernaut compromised. 

“Done.”  Rob gave a shake hand and in the process crushed Juggernaut's
tiny hand. 

Juggernaut felt the pain but pretended unaffected by Rob's iron grip. 

Juggernaut settled into his new job at the City sewer plant.  The sewer
treatment is simple. The micro bugs feed on the nutrients in the poop 
and factories effluent and get fat and in the process the dirty water 
gets cleaned up. It is a natural process as the nature intended. 

The health of the bugs is tested every day in the laboratory. If the
bugs are healthy, they floc and sink to the bottom.  If they were sick, 
they float to the top.  Juggernaut just inspected the daily routine in 
the lab and returned to his office and observed flock of Blue Jays 
feeding on fat bugs at the treatment plant. When birds gather it is a 
flock, when micro bugs gather it is a floc.  Suddenly, Juggernaut 
started writing on a paper: 

Bugs floc 

Birds flock 

Bugs feed on poop 

Birds feed on bugs 

Septic sewage flows in 

Clear water flows out 

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