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A Mortal's Choice (standard:Inspirational stories, 663 words)
Author: azzirAdded: Nov 01 2010Views/Reads: 1458/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle-Albert Einstein” A story of how to live life to the fullest.

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is
a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle-Albert 

Most of us grumble of our recent condition – social status, outward
appearance, career and material wealth. Sadly, these anxieties often 
lead to dissatisfaction which results to unhappiness. Yes, one step 
ahead of achieving our goal gives happiness, career promotion plasters 
gay in our face, and an enhancement of appearance boosters confidence 
and somehow satisfaction. But what happens after these? Don't you think 
all of these only provide temporary happiness? If your answer is yes to 
the latter question, then you're right. 

Today, millions sought the advice of admired individuals and buy books
from well-known authors. Indeed, man is searching for absolute 
happiness. He believes that wealth and fame are mere transitory, and 
that it doesn't quench man's hungry soul. Let me share with you an 
experience of mine which happened just recently. 

I hired a professional driver to tutor me for a driving lesson. ‘Manong
Pablo', which I often called him, is a simple man with six children. It 
is noticeable that he is a man of principle with his sixty years of 
existence. His firm, crumpled hands signifies his long time of hard 
work, his bronze colour indicates that he has been staying under the 
sun for so many years, and his white hair and lined forehead imply the 
challenges that he   surmounted along the way. What makes him 
interesting then? 

On one of the sessions, we talked about life and its complexity. I
shared to him my problems, difficulties and woes. Then he said, “Maam, 
it's evident that you are more blessed than I am – you have a stable 
job, a nice place to stay, enough money to buy what you wanted. There's 
no reason for you to get despair and unhappy.” In reply, I said 
“Manong, I observed that you are always happy, don't you have any 
problem?” He said, “Maam, all of us have problems in life but I 
entrusted all these obstacles to our Supreme Creator. I believe that 
everything happens for a reason, it may not be good today but I'm sure 
it has a purpose in the near future. I always thank Him for all the 
blessings that come along the way. Well, being contented of what I 
have, loving my family and the neighbours, showing generosity and 
kindness to everybody, and counting all the blessing – all of these are 
the ingredients of genuine happiness.” I did not reply to what he said. 
I just stared away from nowhere. Then silence dominated. 

While practicing, we passed by near their location. He invited me to
their house, and opted to go with him. It's a hundred and fifty meter 
away from the street. While we were walking, I noticed that he has so 
many friends acknowledging his presence. Also, he never hesitated to 
help the old man carrying a pale full of water. We passed on a narrow 
road and a wooden bridge. We stopped on a small, dilapidated ‘kubo', 
underneath is brackish, sea water. Then he said, “Maam, this is where I 
and my family lived. Forgive me for it's just only a small nipa house 
with corrugated cartoons attached in the wall”. I warmly smiled at him 
and nod. We entered into the house, and there I saw his family. The 
youngest about three years old, upon seeing us ran to meet and hug his 
father. His other children greeted me, and kissed their father. They 
were happy of what their father brought, and shared the food 
proportionately. His wife, who is a simple housewife – treated me with 
immense hospitality. Theirs is a family veiled with peace and absolute 
happiness. And home is the perfect term for their small house. 

Upon leaving their home, deep in my mind – today, I learned the greatest
lesson of life. Driving – no it's not. But finding the answer of man's 
greatest quest:). 


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