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Into the Mirror (standard:other, 1332 words)
Author: ThorAdded: Mar 28 2001Views/Reads: 2324/1412Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
All right, the title isn't very good, but this is a *finished* story, the continuation of the untitled story I had posted here a while ago...

Iím keeping a diary. Itís on my wall and nobody can read it except for
me. Well, Khai can read it too. I love Khai. I really do. People talk 
about love and they donít mean what they say. When they say they love 
something, itís just another word, but I really love something, I love 
Khai. Heís my best friend. I canít always see him, but heís always here 
and he always talks to me, even when nobody else does. He doesnít like 
to talk to other people though, he just talks to me. 

I met him a month ago exactly. Khai, I mean. He was here in my room when
I came home from school, and I sat and talked to him instead of doing 
my homework. I donít have to do my homework anymore, I just talk to 
Khai, he tells me everything I need to know. Khai says you should 
leave, that I shouldnít talk to you, but I donít believe him. Sometimes 
he plays tricks on me. Like one time he went away for a week without 
telling me, but I got back at him for that: I just went back to doing 
my homework and talking to my other friends until he came back. I made 
him beg to talk to me. Thatís probably the only time Iíve punished him, 
but he punishes me sometimes too. Thatís okay, I love Khai. Heís nice 
to me usually. 

He tells me to wear braids in my hair. Khai says they mean Iím still a
virgin, because I am. Two tiny braids and one larger one. Khai likes my 
hair. He likes to touch it, and tells me how nice it is, and how much 
he likes blond hair. He has blond hair too, longer than mine. I... 

Hello Khai. Youíre behind me, arenít you? 

Khaiís chair is in the corner, itís red. It doesnít match my walls. My
walls are blue. Khai doesnít like blue, but I do. My diary is on my 
walls. Itís in code. I wrote it in red because Khai likes red. He wears 
red a lot. Heís wearing a red cassock right now. And a red ribbon in 
his hair. Its not a girly ribbon, its a Khai ribbon, it keeps the hair 
out of his face, especially when heís looking down at me. Heís tall. 
Khaiís always looking down at me. But heís sitting in his chair and 
looking thoughtful. He does that a lot. He wants to talk to me, but he 
wants you to leave. No, donít leave. Stay here. Youíre nice. Khai 
doesnít let me tell him things, he tells me things, he teaches me 

Can you read whatís on my walls? Itís okay if you can. I wish Khai
couldnít read my diary. He can. He knows things about me. I hate Khai, 
but he knows things. He tells me things. He knew you would come. He 
doesnít like you, but he knew youíd come. Khai knows everything. I love 

I wish Khai wanted to talk right now, he tells stories. I like his
stories. He looks like a priest when he tells me stories, a priest with 
a red ribbon in his hair. A demon priest with blond hair that shines 
when he moves into the light. he doesnít like light very much, thatís 
why the curtains are always drawn and his chair is in the darkest 
corner. He sits for hours in his chair and tells me stories. but you 
know that already, didnít you? I know you do. He told me about you 
once. You sit and watch me from that house over there. You can see 
through my curtains. Khai told me that. 

You know about me too. But Khai can take all of your knowledge away from
you. Khai, donít. Why do you always force me to say things like that? 
You told me before I could trust this person! Khai! No, I donít want to 
do it. No! I hate you! Go away! I canít hear you! La-la-la-la-la! No! I 
donít want to! I... 

Khai? My head hurts. I hate it when you do that. Oh, itís bloody. Iíve
bloodied my head, you see what youíve made me do? Yes, I know. It is a 
just punishment. 

Dona eis requiem. Khai is my ruler. To Him I am devoted. Him I love and
Him I fear. He who teaches the ways of the world is far wiser than my 
useless self. I give myself to him in hopes of salvation from the 

I love Khai. He knows everything. I donít know why I rebel. I shouldnít.
I love Khai. And you, you know things about me. Go away. I donít like 
you. Leave me and Khai alone. Leave me alone! Go away! Khai will drive 
you away if I cannot! Leave! 

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