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Business as Usual (standard:Suspense, 1339 words)
Author: the_wallsAdded: Nov 26 2010Views/Reads: 2537/1396Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
First person story of a man carrying out his contracted job.

I woke up today knowing it was going to be a day like most days for me.
Contract work can be such a pain in the ass. You never know when the 
call is going to come. Sitting around waiting for my cell to ring. 
Blocked number on the screen. No surprise there. The caller never knows 
my number either. I trunk my cell through at least two other sources 
before it ever gets to me. 

This morning the call came a little earlier than expected. That's good.
I can get together what I need and get on the road quick and easy. 

Run into the bathroom. Shower, shave and brush my teeth. Back in the
bedroom I get myself into black slacks, black button down long sleeve 
and black loafers. Pretty boring I know, but it's how I get paid. 
Blending in, being boring. 

Into the kitchen, I grab a quick granola bar and a glass of water as I
make my way to the front door of my little apartment. Opening the 
closet I grab my case and out the door I go. 

Out on the street I hail a cab and give him my destination. Fifteen
minutes or so later the cabbie drops me off on Seventh Ave. and Thirty 
Fourth St. A block north of Madison Square Garden, and right in front 
of Macy's, get my bearings together and make my way across the street 
to the tall office building on the opposite corner. 

Security is pretty weak in this building I've been assured. And looking
around the lobby I can see I wasn't mislead. Two guards, both looking 
more like doormen than security wander the area opening doors and 
holding elevators for company employees. 

I make my way to the elevators greeting the grossly overweight guard and
step into the elevator car already filled almost to capacity. I look to 
press the twentieth floor button, but see that I will have company when 
the car gets there. 

The doors open and I step out behind a pretty brunette who heads to the
left towards where the bathrooms are. I've been in this building enough 
now to know the layout. Business makes me visit the same areas 
frequently. I make my way to the office number 2002. It's straight 
across from the elevators and down a long hall to the left. 

Get to the door and ring the buzzer. The lock clicks and I make my way

“Good Morning, sir. May I help you?” asks the plump woman behind the
receptions desk. 

“Yes ma'am. I have an appointment with Mr. Wind.” 

“And you are?“ She asks pleasantly, looking over her right shoulder into
the larger office. 

“Mr. Connelly, ma'am.” She picks up the phone on her desk and after a
moment mumbles something incoherent into the receiver. “Mr. Wind will 
see you, sir, In his office. Just go straight down this hall and it's 
the first door on your left.” 

“Thank you ma'am.” It always pays to be polite to everyone you meet in
my business. I wink at miss plump as I make my way past her desk and 
down the hall. There's a short balding man standing in the door I'm 
heading for. Must be Mr. Wind. 

“Ah, I see you've made it early Mr. Connelly.” Wind says, with an air of
arrogant nervousness. An edge to his voice that he believes makes him 
seem powerful. Really it makes him seem quite insecure. “Step in my 
office and we can discuss whatever it is you need.” 

“Thank you, sir.” We step into his office and looking around all I see
is desk. One giant oak desk for one small insecure little man. I hold 
back the snicker that wants badly to burst out of me as I take a seat 
in one of the two uncomfortable chairs across from Mr. Winds plush 
leather high back. Wind falls into his chair like a child sitting in 
daddy's old recliner. Sinking in and almost disappearing. 

“So, James tells me that you have some urgent business that I should

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