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The Packing House (standard:horror, 791 words)
Author: EdAdded: Sep 17 2000Views/Reads: 3003/6Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A story about a meat packing house located in Brooklyn

It was Isaac’s turn to lock up the packinghouse for the night. The old,
run-down, converted warehouse was located in one of the worst 
neighborhoods in Brooklyn, but almost everyone that lived nearby worked 
there, there were no other jobs. The few people that did not work at 
the packinghouse were the people that could not stand the sight of 
slaughtered animals. As Isaac continued through the vast expanse of the 
building, shutting off the lights, he thought back to before he 
emigrated from Germany to America. In Germany, he had gained a 
wonderful education and had a job to match. He was a doctor there, and 
a good one at that, but after hearing how America was the “land of 
opportunity” he had given it all up... only to amount to this. He heard 
the unmistakable sound of footsteps behind him and his train of thought 
became interrupted abruptly. “Who is dare?” he called out. Although his 
English was not the best, it was still distinguishable. 

“Is sumune dare?” he called out again. After waiting a few more minutes
and hearing nothing, he decided that it was probably his imagination, 
or maybe even the rats, and continued. 

He entered the pork section of the building and began walking around
making sure the machinery was off and then shutting off the lights. 
When he was almost finished, he glanced up and noticed he was standing 
right in front of a huge vat of pig blood. He stared at the gooey 
liquid for a minute or two then shuddered. Although he was once a 
doctor, and even a master surgeon, he really hated blood. Suddenly he 
felt someone grab his hair. He twisted around trying to break free only 
to have huge chunks of hair ripped from his scalp. He experienced 
severe pain before feeling warm blood trickle down his face and into 
his eyes. Suddenly he felt himself being lifted and was held in the air 
for only a minute before being hurled rapidly into the silo of blood. 

He began to breathe shallowly and sputter as the rotten smell of blood
reached his nostrils the rancid fluid filled his mouth. He began to 
sink below the surface but pulled himself to the surface and took a 
large breath of the somewhat fresh air. Unexpectedly he felt the hand 
once more as it forcefully pushed his face into the grotesque liquid. 
Isaac managed to hold his breath for as long as humanly possible but 
needed to breath so badly that his body suddenly took control and 
caused him to exhale and inhale. He could feel his lungs filling up 
with the red death and suddenly knew for sure he was going to die. He 
began to spasm until finally growing still. 

The murderer then released the skull of the now lifeless body, and
stared at him as he began to sink into the thick fluid. The evil deed 
was completed. It had taken nearly seven years to plan, but the 
repayment for the death of his mother was finished. Isaac had been the 
surgeon during his mothers operation seven long years ago, yet she did 
not survive the surgery. Since that day, Wolf had vowed he would avenge 
his mother’s death. He began to laugh; an evil, maniacal laugh that 
would have filled anyone that heard it with dread. Suddenly Wolf became 
worried, he could not remember where the entrance to the building was, 
and in the current darkened state of the building, he was having 
trouble seeing. He stumbled around for a few minutes until seeing what 
he made out was the handle to the door. He ran towards it, grabbed the 
handle and pulled with all his might. Suddenly the shelf, which he had 
mistaken for the door, began to teeter causing all the tools of the 
slaughterhouse to tumble down upon him. Hundreds of butcher knives, 
cleavers and meat hooks fell.	All of the deadly tools fell around him, 
none of which hit or cut him. 

Relieved at his luck he began to laugh again, this time a bit more
whole-heartedly, as he leaned against the shelf. As he did so, he 
caused the shelf to move, ever so slightly. That little movement caused 
one last meat hook to fall. He looked upward at hearing the sound of 
the meat hook grinding across the shelf as it slid off, only to see the 
sharp point hurtling down at his face. He began to scream, but was cut 
off as the hook jutted into his skull. He stumbled a few seconds, 
before he collapsed onto the blades which had fallen to the ground, 
shredding his body, making him unrecognizable from the meat which was 
sliced up in the factory. 


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