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Live Now (standard:poetry, 123 words)
Author: JuliaAdded: Jan 23 2011Views/Reads: 1330/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
life poetry.

Thoughts swirl but, 

My pen does not stir 

Sitting unquiveringly in my mute hand 

Almost upon the paper, but 

Not quite 

As my eyes stare into the distance 

Thinking of things both far away 

And near 

I'm reminded of the journeys 

I've gone through 

And the ones I have yet 

To go on 

But I shall make it, I shall 

With head high and legs tromping 

They may tire but 

I'll trek on 

The end isn't the destination 

The destination is the entire journey 

The laughter, the tears, the boredom, the happiness 

The desire and loneliness, and love and peacefulness 

A tree drops a leaf, just one 

Orange upon the light green grass 

Standing out, proving 

That one person 

Can make a difference.


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