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Fire Falls (standard:fantasy, 1876 words)
Author: JuliaAdded: Jan 23 2011Views/Reads: 4439/1180Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
I had to write this for English--what do you think?

Autumn swept through the land.  Trees stood in the crisp air, orange and
golden growing on their normally green leaves.  The one lane paved 
street was covered in dead leaves, whisking them along when the light 
wind blew. The world was silent, so when a girl stepped through the 
leaves, the crunch seemed to shatter through the quiet. She crept 
along, looking side to side and pulling her gray coat closer to her 
chest. Her face was hidden under an oversized hood as she walked along 
the street, trying to keep away from the dim light of the streetlights 
as the air darkened. Soon a small dirt path branched out from the road, 
leading deeper into the realm of darkness, within the trees. The girl 
immediately turned and was seemingly swallowed up by the forest. 
However, she didn't relax once entering the woods, and instead 
continued along as if she were being watched. The land sloped downward, 
and leaves were kicked up by her boots as she went downward with it. 
After awhile, an expanse of water stretched out before her. It was 
getting very difficult to see through the dark, but she could still see 
the slight glimmer of the water, and feel the change of damp in the air 
around her. She sat down on the now rocky ground, and waited, wrapping 
her arms around her jean-covered legs. She didn't have to wait long. A 
whisper made its way to her ears, coming from nowhere, yet every which 
way. It was quiet on the wind, but in the girl's head it was loud, and 
very present. "Caroline," the voice murmured, sending shivers down her 
spine. "Caroline, you've come." 

"Of course I've come," Caroline answered. Her voice wavered unwillingly,
and she cleared her throat. "How could I not?" 

"True, true, I'm extremely alluring." A chilling laugh resounded through
her head. "So how have you been, my dear? I haven't seen you since that 
last night." A figure had appeared not too far from her, but not close 
enough to really notice. It was a small figure compared to the voice 
that it commanded, very unimpressive. A figure that Caroline happened 
to know. 

"Oh, yes, and I missed you ever so much," Caroline spat, hating him
entirely. "Why have you brought me here?" 

"You know very well why I have brought you here. You have not fulfilled
my quest for you. If my knowledge is correct, you haven't even tried. 
What's wrong, Caroline? Haven't you at least attempted it? I don't 
understand why you are finding this so difficult." 

"You don't understand," Caroline repeated, and laughed. The laugh made
her uneasy, even though she knew it wasn't an appreciative laugh. But 
she wasn't used to being a victim to ironic laughs, and wasn't sure 
that she liked the feeling. "You don't understand why I don't want to-" 
her voice choked off. "Why should you even be able to promote me for 
this job without my permission? I'm not up to completing this!" 

"Oh, but you will be. And you will be soon." His voice was harsh, and
close, no longer doing the creepy body-less echo. Caroline jumped, 
finding him right next to her. His breath tickled her cheek as he 
leaned in. "Because if you don't, you both will die." 


Caroline woke a few days later to the sunlight trickling lightly through
her window. As it warmed her skin, her insides contracted with ice. She 
knew that today, something was going to happen. Sighing, she curled up 
in her blankets, wondering if this was her last time waking in them. 
None of this would even be happening if it weren't for him. Him. 
Caroline shuddered at the mere thought, and closed her eyes tightly. 
She remembered everything. 


--Caroline and Timothy had been together for a few months. It had been a
happy few months, peaceful and loving. But something strange was 
happening. Timothy would disappear at times, without word of where he 
was going. Once in a while he wouldn't even show up for engagements he 
had planned with Caroline. When he returned, he would act overly 
casual, but it wouldn't be very believable. Caroline began to be sure 
that he was cheating on her. One night, the night everything changed, 
she followed him. 

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