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Ned's Voice (standard:drama, 172 words)
Author: BENTLINKAdded: Feb 24 2011Views/Reads: 2461/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
More hunting and less killing?

Ned's Voice 

“That's my dog Ned all right!  Sound like he treed one.” 

Jim and me was stood up and plum ready to walk off the hill when Ned
started up first on our hill then down to the creek and way up the 
other side of Blackburn holler.  When we got where Ned was making 
circles round a big ol oak tree and turned on our flashlights there sat 
Mr. Coon.  He was just sittin on a low limb lookin down at us like we 
was all family.  Not scared or nothin just lookin like he was waiting 
to see what we was going to do next. 

We could easy knock him off that limb with our 22 rifle but instead of
that we just hooked a chain to Ned's collar and half dragged him off 
the hill and on to the house.  Ol Mr. Coon goanna get to be Mr. Coon 
for a while longer.  I guess maybe we let him be cause we had already 
peed on the fire. 


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