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Dreamland (standard:poetry, 319 words)
Author: mberube_sdpAdded: Apr 01 2001Views/Reads: 2308/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A rhyming bedtime story created to enhance the imagination of little ones. Excuse the terrible grammar..hee..hee

The sky is dark and the moon is out. “ Its time for bed!” my mother

“ Brush your teeth and turn off the lights.  You’re off to dreamland for
the night.” 

She lifts my blankets up to my chin, kisses my forehead and says with a
grin, “Until tomorrow Sweet Pea, I’ll see you then.” 

I close my eyes and start to dream. I’m seeing things that I’ve never

In my dream, I soar through skies that are full of clouds and

There are beautiful colors, reds, greens and blues and there’s candy for
everyone whatever you choose. 

There are no cars just ponies with wings and everyday you find out what
Santa Claus brings. 

It’s Christmas all the time and Easter and Thanksgiving.  Did I mention
there are no schools in this dream that I am living? 

To my left there is a family of songbirds singing and to my right a
school of goldfish swimming. 

Above me there are stars that fill the sky and below me there are
bumblebees buzzing by. 

What a wonderful world.  It is so grand.  What is that?  A marching

There are clowns with balloons dancing all around.  I am so happy with
this place that I have found. 

I also see magician with a rabbit in his hat.  My little sister likes
magic.  I wish she could see that! 

This place is great, there’s so much to do.  Let’s check out the petting

There are bunnies bouncing up and down and monkeys dancing round and

Wow! A playground with giant slides and even better pony rides! 

With so many things to enjoy, I wish my mother were here. Oh boy.... 

“ The sky is bright and the sun is out its time for school!” my mother

I lift up my head and say with a grin, “Until tonight Dreamland, I’ll
see you then”. 


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