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Rush To Judgment (standard:Flash, 703 words)
Author: Michael Lance KerstingAdded: Mar 05 2011Views/Reads: 2764/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Sometimes revenge can cloud your reason.

Rush To Judgment 

I waited patiently in the hotel room across from the Courthouse for the
punk who kidnapped, raped and killed my little sister June that I loved 
dearly. Today was the bastard's arraignment. I held my sniper rifle 
close to my chest, feeling my heart pounding with deep anticipation. 

Eventually, what seemed like forever, I saw the prison van pulled up in
front of the Courthouse. I breathed a sigh of relief. The van doors 
opened and two prison guards jumped out, followed by my quarry, Wayne 
Brewster, The bastard !.I felt a bitterness welled up in my throat as I 
saw him. I quickly focussed the crosshairs of my rifle on his big head, 
then, taking a deep breath,I pulled the trigger. I saw the punk's head 
exploded spilling bone,brains and blood all over the place. People 
began running in all directions sreaming . I didn't wait, but quickly 
got up from my prone position and dismantled the rifle in a jiffy and 
replaced the components in my travelling bag. 

I left the room and walked down the narrow corridor and quickly entered
the elevator to the ground floor. I got out and went over to the 
parking lot, got in my car and drove out of the lot amidst all the 
commotion around. 

Somehow, I didn't give a damn if I was caught or not.I had to get the
bastard as revenge for what he did to my darling little sister. Tears 
rolled down my cheeks as I drove towards home, and I felt an inner 
satisfaction. My duty to my family was accomplished. I felt great! 

Safe in my apartment, I went over to the fridge, took out a couple cans
of beers and sat down and turned on the TV with my remote and checked 
out my favourite news channel for the news.. 

After the ads, the Anchorman came on and said," The alledged killer of
the Macarthy girl, Jill, Wayne Brewster,was assassinated while entering 
the courthouse.The police are investigating, but have no lead as to the 
assassin as yet." 

I opened a can of beer and began sipping the cold brew,enjoying the
coldliquid slipping down my throat.The phone rang. I reached over and 
picked it up, a familiar voice said ‘Ronnie,Did you see the news?' It 
was my big brother, Don. 

"Yeah, I heard some one got the bastard!" 

There was a chuckle on the other end of the line, then Don said "Yeah
,Ron , I bet you Do. Well, how's the weather over there in Calgary?" 

"Fair to cloudy" I laughed," Tell Mom I say hello," 

"I sure will, Ron, good Job!" And he hung up. 

A few weeks later, I received a phone call. It was Don and his voice
sounded frantic ‘Shit, Ronnie, It wasn't Wayne who killed Jill ." 
"What?" I replied stunned,I almost dropped the phone. My blood ran 
cold, I couldn't believe it. "What the hell are you talking about,Ron, 
he was the last person seen with her." "Yeah I know,that.” "Who was 
it,then?” I asked, the tension building up in my chest as a wave of 
nausea began piling in my throat. “It was Frankie. He confessed." 
"What!" I said, shocked,' Are you shitting me or what?” “No, Ron ,He 
replied,” I am serious”. 

Frankie was the meek nerd who lived three doors away from our home .
Theboy in the neighbourhood most likely to succeed . It came out at the 
trial that Frankie was secretly in love with my sister June and figured 
that if he can't have her, then nobody else will, so he raped and then 
killed her then dumped her body in the river. 

At the trial Frankie was being led away after the life sentence was read
.He shouted " She was MEANT for me!".I wanted to strangle the bastard 

As for me, I was consumed with guilt. I couldn't live the rest of my
life knowing what I had done, so I made a confession to the police, 
handing over the murder weapon. 

I got a life sentence for second degree murder with a possibility of
parole after fifteen years . 

I felt I deserved it! 

Copyright(2011) Michael Lance Kersting 


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