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The World As It Changed. (standard:other, 350 words)
Author: JuliaAdded: Mar 20 2011Views/Reads: 1589/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Humans used to have an entirely different relationship with the earth and all in it. But one day, everything began to change.

The world used to be different. Humans were completely happy with their
lives, not looking for easier, quicker ways to do things.  In the 
summers, they would plant, and take care of their gardens, filling them 
with juicy, perfect fruits, and vibrant, tasty vegetables, as many as 
you can imagine and more, much more. They would feast at night and sing 
and dance as laughter floated through the swirling air. In the winters, 
they would share the food that they had left between any and all who 
were in need. They spent their time with the ones that they loved, in 
the places that they loved. Animals would come and share their warmth. 
Stories would be shared between the species, along with friendship and 
affection. The humans and creatures of the land were of the same 
wavelength, surviving together, in harmony. But one day, an outsider 
came to the land. He was a stranger, with an unusual look behind his 
eyes. He taught the humans of flames, and warmth. They learned to cook 
things. The humans felt they didn't need this excess thing, but it was 
beautiful, and the animals agreed. They saw it as a gift from the 
stranger, and so they accepted it. The stranger began to whisper things 
in the human's ears as they slept. Stories of delicious food, of being 
beyond happy, of new, exciting things, and having whatever they wanted 
whenever they wanted. A summer feast in the dead of winter! The human's 
minds began to meld, and change. They began to know the feeling of 
want. The stranger taught them a new language, to keep their secret 
from the animals that lived around them. The humans withdrew from their 
friends, becoming secretive and greedy. One day, the stranger brought 
home a dead animal. He cooked it on the fire and offered it to the 
humans. The humans, who would once have been horrified by the very 
idea, were now encircled by their greed and conceit. They ate the dead 
flesh of their old friends, severing their ties forever, forgetting 
their friendship with the earth.


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