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The Other Siide of the Wall (standard:mystery, 628 words)
Author: SummertyneAdded: Apr 18 2011Views/Reads: 2810/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Meg's new neighber Dave is a strange young man. He does some weird things that upsets Meg.


IT was a single young man in his thirties, who had rented apt #4. That
was located on the second floor of the old apartment building. He was 
tall, blonde and sort of cute.  He seemed nice and was well mannered. 
He always spoke to Meg when she would pass him on the steps going to 
their apartments. His name was Dave and he worked for a company that 
put in sprinkler systems. He drove a truck that was a little battered. 
Meg would always hear his truck leave around six o'clock every morning 
when he left for work. 

Dave would always go out on his side of the porch to smoke.  Meg noticed
he didn't have a chair so she gave him one to sit on. She saw him sit 
on it numerous times. Other than that she didn't see him much. After 
work he would take a shower and leave. Meg didn't know where he went 
maybe to a bar.  He was mostly a loner, but he did have a couple of 
girlfriends who didn't stay around very long.  Dave gave the impression 
he had a lot of friends because every time Meg would see him he always 
had a cell phone up to his ear talking to someone or maybe no one at 

Meg didn't think he had much furniture because when she took her laundry
down the back steps she noticed Dave's bedroom was completely empty 
except for some exercise equipment sitting outside in the storage area. 
Dave seemed a little strange Meg thought. He was constantly opening and 
closing his apartment door, but he rarely left his apartment. Sometimes 
when she would take her dog Beau down to do his business, Dave would 
come out behind her he would usually just say hi, how are you. In a few 
minutes he was back in his apartment. Sometimes when Meg was coming up 
the steps to go in her apartment she would hear Dave lock his apartment 
door as if he didn't want anyone to bother him. 

Meg thought something else was very strange.   She would awaken in the
night and this happened almost every night she would hear someone 
walking back and fourth on the other side of her bedroom wall. Meg knew 
there wasn't anything there, but Dave's bedroom and it didn't have any 
furniture in it. Night after night she would hear someone walking and 
whoever it was, was wearing shoes. Who would wear shoes in the middle 
of the night she thought. It was as if someone was there listening for 
noises that Meg might make in her sleep. 

This person whoever it was never left they was there every night camping
on the other side of Meg's bedroom wall. Sometimes in the wee hours of 
the morning Meg would hear light snoring this led her to believe this 
person was Dave. But why, Meg thought she was old and Dave was just a 
kid. Maybe a mother Meg thought, but she knew nothing about Dave. 

Meg was beginning to have paranoid feelings.  As the hot summer days
turned to The coolness of Autumn Meg noticed Dave had a girlfriend who 
would come every night. Meg prayed this girl might stay and be the 
answer to her problem. As they spent more and more time together Meg 
started to feel better about her fear of Dave.  The girl stayed with 
Dave and they seemed happy together.  After awhile Meg moved to an 
apartment for seniors.  Sometimes in the night she would hear someone 
walking down the hall. Meg would awaken with a jolt then would smile to 
herself as she looked around her new apartment and knew she was safe. 


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