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Timothy and Tabitha Tadbit (standard:adventure, 504 words)
Author: AnonymousAdded: Apr 20 2011Views/Reads: 2536/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
About two twines, one boy and one gril, and decribes their bedroom - his side and her side.

Timothy and Tabitha Tadd-Bitt Exploring our Bedroom Timothy and Tabitha
Tadd-Bitt were twins.  They did everything together as long as they 
could remember They were just a tad bigger than a small tabby cat. They 
even shared the same room together since they were so small. One side 
of the room was decorated with Timothy's things and the other side was 
decorated with Tabitha's things. Even the curtains had dancing stars on 
one side and racing cars on the other all tied back with golden 
garlands. Tabitha's wallpaper had dancing stars on it, while Timothy's 
wallpaper had racing cars. The dresser sat on Tabitha's side of the 
room next to her bed with its four colorful draws. The toy box sat on 
Timothy's side next to his bed all neatly arranged with one side for 
her and one for him. Tabitha's side had colorful dolls and stuffed 
animals all neatly arranged in a straight line. Timothy's side had cars 
of many colors and soldiers lining his walls all in order. In Tabitha's 
corner on the floor was a doll house full of colorful dolls In 
Timothy's corner there was a track of racing cars. The dolls, stuffed 
animals, cars, and soldiers all went from the window to the door. The 
dancing stars and the racing cars started from the window between them 
and met at the door. As they looked at their walls, all that separated 
the dancing stars and racing cars were pictures of themselves on their 
walls. Not at all like looking out side at all the fall colors with its 
leaves and all. Gee how we wish we could be outside in the leaves of 
fall, as they both fell fast asleep. 

By Robert Chambers 

Timothy and Tabitha Tadd-Bitt Our back Yard Timothy and Tabitha
Tadd-Bitt were twines 

They had a yard that was as big as a park. 

It was full of trees and other plants just like a big park. 

A swing and a slid, with a sand box on one side that was all brightly
colored in red. 

The slide was on the other side all shiny and bright, just like a big

A fish pond with golden fish glistening in sun light in one corner and a
play house with brightly colored trim sat in the other corner. 

A wagon, a trike, and all sorts of other toys were scattered about. 

But the only thing that Timothy and Tabitha like to play with the most,
sat all by its self under a big oak tree. 

A brightly colored pile of leaves with orange and yellow autumn leaves. 

Timothy and Tabitha like to jump and play in the big colorful pile of

As they played in the colorful pile of autumn leaves, a gray squirrel
with a bobbed tail came running out from under the colorful autumn 

Timothy and Tabitha looked at the gray squirrel as it ran up a tree that
was covered with autumn leaves and pointed as they said, it's a Bobit. 


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