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Coincidence? (standard:Suspense, 2905 words)
Author: HulseyAdded: Apr 23 2011Views/Reads: 3397/1848Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A spate of coincidences lead to murder.

Samantha Jarvis reached the departure lounge of Newcastle Airport,
relieved that at long last, she was due to fly to Crete. Owing to the 
volcanic ash disruption, she had to abort her original date of 
departure and had now rebooked, some six days later. 

The twenty-seven year old brunette girl relaxed on the only seat
available and could not help but notice the tall, handsome, blonde man 
next to her, whose red vest showed off his powerful biceps. He nodded 
to her and smiled, his perfect teeth immaculate. 

Samantha browsed through her magazine, noticing that the blonde man was
staring at her. The pretty brunette now felt uncomfortable; her 
neighbour's eyes undeviating from her face. She gave up on her magazine 
and confronted her admirer. “Do I know you?” 

“I wish... I'm sorry... Was I staring?” 

“Well, actually, you were.” 

“I must apologise... You see, I'm a little nervous about flying, and I
suppose I craved companionship... Besides, you're the prettiest girl 
that I've ever laid my eyes on.” 

Samantha blushed and covered her dark eyes with her sunglasses. “You're
travelling alone?” 

“Yes, I'm visiting friends in Crete... And you?” 

“My parents own a taverna in Crete.” 

The prying man offered his hand. “Joe Frampton.” 

Samantha lightened up. “Joe, I'm Samantha.” 

Samantha returned to her magazine and awaited the order to board the

Samantha placed her knapsack in the overhead luggage compartment. She
detected the aroma of expensive aftershave and realised who the owner 

Frampton placed his holdall in the same compartment and winked at her.
“Seems like we're in the same section of the plane.” 

Samantha smiled uneasily and nestled into her seat. 

Frampton rechecked his ticket and settled down next to her. “Not only
are we in the same section, but we're in adjoining seats.” 

“Bit of a coincidence, don't you think?” quizzed Samantha. 

“Coincidence or fate? Actually, I requested the extra legroom, as you
may have noticed, I'm rather tall.” 

The two settled down, selected their music and fastened their seatbelts.

Shortly before takeoff, Frampton removed his headphones. “I was meant to
be on an earlier flight last Tuesday, but the bloody volcanic ash 
pissed up my schedule.” 

Samantha frowned. “Me too... I also was scheduled to fly Tuesday.” 

When the refreshment trolley arrived, Frampton ordered a Bloody Mary. 

Samantha gasped and let out a chuckle. 

“You okay?” asked Frampton. 

Samantha looked towards the smiling stewardess. “A Bloody Mary, please.”
She then addressed Frampton. “Another coincidence? I bloody adore 
Bloody Marys.” 

Another hour passed, when Frampton removed a paperback from his holdall.

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