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The Tree (standard:other, 257 words)
Author: DonnaRAdded: Apr 02 2001Views/Reads: 2747/10Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Trying to understand love.

Once there was a seed, small, insignificant.  I found on a cold winters
night and wondered what would become of it.  I took the seed and 
planted it in the fertile soil of my heart and waited.  Some times the 
sun shone upon it and sometimes there was rain.  Gradually, a tiny 
sprout stuck its fragile head up, searching for the warmth of love and 
friendship.  I have nurtured the little plant, and watched it slowly 
grow.  At times it seems as if it will never get any larger.  I think 
about it, sending it love and positive thoughts, watering it with 
frequent tears and warming it with the light of hope.  At times, the 
little tree has wonderful green leaves.  Spreading out from the trunk, 
open and accepting of what comes its way.  There are also times, more 
than I like, when the leaves fall from the branches, leaving them cold 
and bare.  It's work caring for the tree.  Occasionally I think about 
letting it just die, but I am unable to do that.  I have watched it 
grow, very, very slowly, certainly not as I had hoped it would, but 
growing nevertheless.  It is not in my makeup to give up on life, to 
stop caring, to watch something die.  So, on days when I despair, I 
look at the little tree, and remember it was once only a seed.  It's 
true, I cannot yet rest in the shade of its branches, but maybe, if I 
care enough, and love enough, one day I can.


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