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The Flower (standard:other, 182 words)
Author: DonnaRAdded: Apr 02 2001Views/Reads: 2942/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
One of lifes' lessons.

Once there was a flower.  It was an unusual flower, one of a kind. There
had never been another like it before, It's bright red petals were 
silky soft.  It grew straight and tall.  The flower loved the sun.  
Each day she raised her face up to it.  She would soak up its rays and 
bask in it's warmth.  She hated rainy days.  She hated not being able 
to see her lover the sun.  She would curl upon herself, hiding her 
beautiful petals and sulk because the rain was falling.  One day, when 
the sun was shining bright, she confessed to him her love.  She begged 
him to never leave her.  The sun was flattered, he never knew the 
beautiful flower loved him. He shone down upon her, granting her wish, 
day after day. The foolish flower soon withered and died.  She never 
realized that the rain gave her life as much as the sun.  All of us 
have to have sunshine and rain in our lives, or we also will wither and 
die.  <BR> At times I am a foolish flower.


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