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The boy who wanted to be the letter Y (standard:Inspirational stories, 220 words)
Author: hayfootAdded: May 21 2011Views/Reads: 1891/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A young boy from a small village in Brazil has a dream: to be the letter Y.

All children dream of who they will become when they grow up. They dream
of being glamorous actors, astronauts, football stars, ballerinas, 
presidents, senators, business executives, priests, doctors, nurses, 
scientists, and even teachers. Ze Carlos, a boy of seven living in 
Amanhecer de Fé, a hamlet so small that it is known mostly to revenue 
agents and mailmen, has a different dream. 

Ze Carlos doesn't see himself walking on Mars nor kicking the winning
goal for Brazil. He doesn't expect to go to Hollywood. Neither does he 
see himself becoming Pope or village priest even though he prays daily 
and cannot wait for his First Communion. Ze Carlos knows what he wants 
to be  he wants to be the letter Y! 

Why the letter Y? Because each and every morning, just after dawn;  Ze
Carlos begins his day with his arms uplifted in gratitude to God who 
created him, kept him safe through the night, and woke him up each new 
morning at first light. Ze Carlos gives thanks, too, for his loving 
parents, his kind grandparents, even for  his eldest sister, Marta  
she can be quite bossy, for  his gentle sister, prayerful Maria, and of 
course, for Terezinha, his joyous and rambunctious little sister. So, 
wish him well, Ze Carlos, the boy who dreams of becoming the letter Y. 


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