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Control System Defeat (standard:science fiction, 3975 words)
Author: AnonymousAdded: Jun 10 2011Views/Reads: 1425/803Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The story is about a man who meets a lover while exposing & defeating a system devised to control the masses.

Chemtrails, tails solely for intoxication in a net high in the sky. But
this is no public pie for the stakes for his village were raised as a 
climber reaching a sheer.  The fear was felt deep often as the Sun was 
blotted out and Ka thought about exactly if people were inhaling the 
miasma. He always had heard as a kid that asthma and allergies year 
round was a normal thing but he started making some startling 
revelations that weren't to be reveled in. The main one that the entire 
society had been poisoned by many drag nets.  The dragons of each city 
feeding off the chi as they sucked the energy into their dark vortexes. 
Putting their hexes on corporations as Walmart(Sea-mart) and Israel 
told the magic ritual being performed over the masses.  The overseers 
often played jokes like 9/11 and sat back for a chuckle. Ka started 
living with nature, one day walking into a forest with scene so green 
and the perfuming oxygen revamping his faith in humanity.  For there 
would always be fruit to feed off, something good to harness. Picking 
pine shoots felt and smelt divine, the sticky sap melded sweetly to his 
palm and he was calm thinking of the tea that would sustain his love.  
This is what he sought just as much as his powerful anger, the 
destructive force but he never went so far so people divorce, but 
hopefully in the end rejoice! Often he had to raise his voice to get 
attention about drastic things that were changing in the elite 
controlled warring world: chemtrails being sprayed and towers perverted 
from Tesla's coils turning the horde into zombies, the electrics spread 
like a plague, it started with the cell(prison) phone even though that 
was made pre-WW2. There were many problems that he found hard to tell 
people for it was too critical for the individual to feel responsible, 
burning away their previous ideas of belonging; pride etc that a 
Catholic may say is sin. As a tau he tried to see thee in three, 2 
polarities then an inner or center portal, maybe to Shangrila or 
Agartha or the Van Allen's radiation belt via the heart or pineal 
gland. It was without doubt that the corrupt military were spraying 
chemicals to dull the mind, especially the pineal gland. As Hitler did 
with the NAZIs Ka thought as he was never taught in school. Such a fool 
at first he was but as gaining wisdom he came into his power, which 
scared the elite priestclass that derived their control by illusions, 
symbols as the 13 layered pyramid on the American $ bill. Many ills 
those notes brought, even though they were as fake as the Wizard of OZ, 
so he was driven to reverse the spell, send it to Hell while he built 
something new. A holographic foundation based on the law of attraction, 
barter, local trade, teach about herbs instead of drugs, small 
community...not the global village. The Aryan Windsors, Rothschilds, 
Warburgs, Rockefellars, DeVeres, Gardners, Gores, Bushes, Carnegies etc 
that are reptilian and from Ares-Mars were pushing. Mars was the son of 
Zeus, which if tracked back is found to be the god Enlil, Lord-wind. 
The reptilian Alpha Draconians being swift, deceptive, and possessing 
as they are demons the hierarchy knew no end to their empire throughout 
the galaxy. Dominating the female even though having it in their 
superior androgynous bodies, but not all for there were 7 main species 
to their society. All secret, separate that is, away into 7 domes on 
Venus, perhaps a presage for what is the come on Earth and this 
motivated the Ka, light or spirit in Ka for he saw the bright light of 
Ra. Sometimes in dreams, quite chaotic and exotic in spurious 
situations skateboarded as done in past years but some were on a 
different plane with an elongated year, a different sense of time, 
sometimes slowing to a low vibration, floating or boating on a ship of 
some she that would take them to a flue shooting up through the blue. 
Space they were, Ka and Ba, one at night, the other imagining during 
the day. Ba was a disciple of Jehovah but the feminine version, her own 
personal cult started not to accrue credits though. Living in Siberia 
she often found it hard to keep with the dictated criteria, looking for 
escapes here and there with her magic imaginative cape!  Stepping into 
the community garden she started to feel revived, her body often 
battered as a drum, too much noise going on around. She needed her 
peaceful experiences just as she did to create art that in hopes would 
enlighten those around, not just confound. For the first time she 
picked some weeds and smelling them she eyed the dandelion with a slug 
and said to herself why not and started chomping at the leaf, bit by 
bit and swallowed valiantly. The sour juices jolted her as a bolt from 
Zeus, possessed into a new energetic state she urged her body to do 
more. She departed to the seed store and looked at the rows of herbs or 
simple growing veggies as kale. Then trekking to a nearby mountain she 
knew there would be some sticky clay, as a child which she always loved 
to play in. Molding things to her whim she invented as dinosaur 
figurines or even once a rose she thought of a genius idea that could 
revolutionize the world, which she knew could spiral into evolution. 

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