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THETHIEF (standard:other, 386 words)
Author: EveretAdded: Jun 22 2011Views/Reads: 1096/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)

The Thief March 4, 2011 Slambang Our once peaceful community  has now
changed . One of our new neighbors is a thief and a pick pocket . Now I 
am not one of these guys who go off half –cocked and I wouldn't accuse 
anyone if I wan't sure I was telling the truth, but my suspicions were 
confirmed when I actually caught him in the act. Oh , he acted so 
innocent, I wanted to have him imprisoned for life. But since I have no 
authority to do that I guess he will keep on until he finally meets 
with social Justice. I secretly snapped his picture and I am going to 
post it on the internet so all will be aware of this petty thief. Why 
who knows he could get away with his thievery until he develops into a 
Killer. I decided I would trap him in the act so I would have proof of 
his thievery.( Hmmmmm I wonder if there is such a word) I was very 
careful to bait my trap when I knew he would not see me. I had my 
camera aimed on  the spot where he would be when he thought no one was 
looking. I was lucky. One day when I was watching he came sneaking up 
with a guilty look, his shifty eyes constantly watching, to see if he 
was being observed . Quick as a wink he grabbed the bait and started 
running away, Oh but little did he know I now had proof and justice 
would be done.  (I thought). But No,  no one took me seriously even 
though I had proof .What chance does an old guy like me have against a 
young “whipper snapper” like him. And he always looked so innocent . I 
went to his house thinking maybe someone  would listen, but no one 
would help. They all thought he was innocent. Then one day I noticed 
that he had not been around .  Several more days went by and he  never 
showed up I   wondered why? It was then I realized that his owners had 
either found a new home for him or taken him to the dog pound. I 
sincerely hope it was the former,  because I had grown to love this 
guy, a black Labrador puppy


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