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Cobra rising (standard:Flash, 589 words)
Author: Lev821Added: Jul 24 2011Views/Reads: 2321/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
He reflects upon humanity, as an occupant of a zoo.

There's green in the sky, amongst orange, and yellow. Well, it's quite
multi-coloured. Not like it used to be, not like I remember it, back 
when I was a normal human mortal citizen, here on earth, and I still 
am. I am a 46 year old ordinary man who used to work in a bank. I am 
nothing special to look at. In fact you could say I am quite average, 
and it's perhaps that that is the reason why I am sat here, staring at 
the sky, in what could be described as a prison, except it's not. It's 
a zoo, and I am here on display. 

You see, back when I was a normal banker, pruning the hedges in my back
garden, back in 2004, I felt the air, and atmosphere around me shift, 
as though it was the still surface of a pond in which a stone is 
thrown. It rippled over me and I vanished, and appeared here, in my 
zoo, where I have been for three years. I know that from when I was 
taken, a whole lot of a number of years has passed. The year is now 
8094, and in 4007, humans were removed from the planet. Rather like 
when the dinosaurs made way for man, when perhaps God threw down the 
meteorite that made them extinct. I wonder if he did it again to make 
way for the snake. The very air they breathed became toxic, mostly to 
humans. It wiped them out, and 85% of animals. Snakes were mostly 
unharmed, and it was the Cobra species that prevailed, evolving to 
become the planets dominant race. Like humans, they began to 
communicate, to co-operate, form a language, to adapt to the 
environment. They grew bigger, and grew legs, rather like that of a 
millipede, and are now around two feet wide and ten foot in length. The 
other snakes are like what monkeys where to humans, they stayed rather 
as they were, although they got slightly bigger. Monkeys came down from 
the trees, came out of the forest, and walked us into humanity. Some 
other species of monkey stayed in the jungle, meaning humans and apes 
co-existed and it was the Cobra to which this was the equivalent, the 
other snakes staying in their safe environments, the brave cobra 
exploring pastures new, exploring the land beyond the horizon. 

Thing is though, they're not hostile. Well, some are, like humans I
suppose. Other creatures have evolved to adapt, but they are like 
animals were to humans, not as self-aware. Their civilisations have far 
surpassed that of humans. They have invented all sorts of things that 
humans didn't get to. One of them, and the reason I am here, along with 
some other humans and animals from my time in different parts of the 
zoo, all sectioned off to prevent procreation, is time travel. They 
know they could go back and affect the timeline, but they are 
intelligent enough to abduct, and simply take those that would have no 
effect on history. So my taking from my back garden would not have 
impacted much to make a difference, therefore, making me a target, but 
only a target at a certain time. 

I have things here to make me feel at home. They set my place up like it
was when I was taken, but it does get kind of lonely I will admit. I 
get watched every day by the curious, by their young ones, but in a 
way, I quite like it.


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