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The Shadow (standard:Suspense, 333 words)
Author: Lev821Added: Oct 06 2011Views/Reads: 5779/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A master of his craft will find this task easy, won't he?

Target acquired, silence essential. I observe the back of the house from
here concealed by this bush. I am a master of stealth, and shadows are 
my friend. The sky is darkening. I could still be spotted, especially 
by the occupant. I know that I must get through, into the house, where 
in a drawer upstairs is my prize, my reward. All my years of training, 
all the missions I have been on will make this job easy. 

I creep forward across a patch of grass, and concealed myself behind a
shed. From here to the back door I will be exposed, but if I am quick, 
I can reach it in seconds. I know that I am the best of my type. I 
cannot fail in any of my missions. Yet, I know I still have much to 
learn. I look around the shed corner and see the occupant of the house 
in the kitchen window. They turn away, and I know that that is my 
chance, and like a leopard, I dart out from my hiding place and crouch 
low to the side of the back door. The door is open, and I hear noise 
from within. I must creep stealthily, like a cat, and blend in to my 
surroundings, like a shadow. That is what I have called myself. ‘The 
shadow' and nobody knows I exist. 

I creep into the kitchen, and look around the side of the cupboard. The
house occupant is looking in the oven. It is my chance to creep past. 
“Jimmy, what are you doing? Are you playing ninjas again? Come on, your 
teas nearly ready” I stand up. I am caught. I need more practice. 
“Sorry mum” “Are you trying to get those sweets in your drawer again? 
What have I told you about eating before your tea? You'll lose your 
appetite and you won't eat it all. Now go and wash your hands”. I do 
so, knowing that soon, ‘The shadow' will be back. 


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