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Scarlet O'Hara (One Day) (standard:poetry, 180 words)
Author: DoveAdded: Nov 19 2011Views/Reads: 1573/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A poem about my daughter leaving to return to Hollywood.

Saying goodbye to my daughter at the airport.

She plays the part of sweet desire as she tip-toes out on the highest
wire. The truth to tell the wire's too thin and so the fall of 
treachery begins. 

Yet I see my starlet's smiling face as she eagerly waits to take her
place. There is no graceful way to fall after audition is done and 
still no call 

Her tears will not bring a change of heart, each new day is another
start. Crazy though what I say may seem, each day she mends her broken 

I see her smile as I once smiled, hear her laugh and remember the child.
Goodbye she waves, her plane to take, to Hollywood and more heartbreak 

That's her you see waiting tables, waiting for her own Clark Gable.
Watching the waves, watching the sky, or sitting down by the riverside 

I feel my heart speak in dusty tone: ‘Don't take your heart too far from
home. The wind is cold around your moon, smile, I know your time is 
coming soon' 


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