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Angela, my dear. (standard:poetry, 628 words)
Author: Dr.StrangeAdded: Jan 14 2012Views/Reads: 1970/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
It is basicly about a ghost looking after a girl as she grows up.

Angela, oh Angela, Why do you cry? That boy left you heartbroken, Let me
help you inside. 

Angela my Angela, You've grown up so much, You've passed your exams, And
now you can move on. 

Angela, dearest, You are working too hard, Let's go out to eat and give
you a break. 

Angela, Who is that man? He claims to have known you, And he has a black
heart inside. Please stay away from him, I can feel the fear, I see the 
jar containing the hearts, Of those long past. 

Angela, Why do you like him? Can you not hear the lies? Please don't go
dine with him, From the letter which he sent, Please don't go to him, I 
promise you, It will be your end. 

Angela, I am so glad you are safe, I am so tired, from moving that vase,
To creep him out, I wrote on the wall, “Don't touch my dear Angela, 
Ever again!” He fled in terror, You didn't understand, I'm so glad your 
back home, Safe and sound. 

Angela my Angela, I like him too, He is so kind, Filled with love, I
most certainly approve. 

Angela, Angela, I'm glad you are so happy, I'll continue my job, And
keep both of you safe. 

Angela, I am so happy, You must be so proud, Of your baby Alice, I'll
look after her. 

Angela, Why did you have to get so sick? Everything was fine, Up until
last night. 

Angela, I'm so glad you are better, What such a relief that your husband
and I feel. We are so glad you have escape death's grasp, And have hope 
that you will live long. 

Angela oh Angela, I tried to stop the car, But it was going too fast,
And I couldn't save him. I am so sorry, But it was his time to go, The 
fates cut his string, I couldn't stop it at all. 

Angela, Why are you in a comma once again? I don't understand why, Was
it from the stress? Is it because of me? Oh my dearest, Please don't 

Angela, You have fought so hard, To live once again, The fates came and
visited, But decided to add on, To the dress which they make. 

My dear, Young Alice is so beautiful, She is quite a young woman, She's
almost able to drive, I promise she will be safe! 

Angela my Angela, You are too young to die, But I cannot interfere, The
fates have just arrived. They are almost finished, Only a few stitches 
to go, You'll soon see him again, Living in Heaven. 

Angela, Why are you here? Nothing should keep you behind! 

She says: Drake, It was you whom, Comforted me when I was in need, Who
kept me safe, Who helped me escape. Have you been looking after me, All 
this time? 

I replied: Yes I have, And I tried to keep him safe, Your husband Teddy,
I'm so sorry I failed. 

She said: There was nothing you could do, You told me so, In my dreams.
It wasn't your fault, I forgive you. Let's go home. 

I whispered: My job is not yet done, I need to keep her safe, Your
daughter has so much more time. 

Angela: Then keep her safe, If it is your duty, I miss her so much.
Comfort her when she is sad, Be there for her as you were for me. 

She then faded away, And left me to my job, So then I took to it, And
then I began. 

Dearest Alice, My name is Drake, I protected your mother, I now protect
you, She is now with your father, And now she has passed, She loves you 
so much, My dear, dear Alice. 


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