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Twisted Mindset (standard:poetry, 186 words)
Author: Dr.StrangeAdded: Jan 21 2012Views/Reads: 1841/1131Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
How the madman thinks.

A heart of jade, 

which I have made, 

and to be wise, 

is my demise. 

Of terrible night, 

and scary dreams, 

nothing's really as it seems, 

so I must beware, 

or will get scared. 

The blade cuts through, 

with tear anew, 

and screems resonate, 

filled with hate. 

The madness comes next, 

the urge not to rest, 

to keep myself going, 

and madness is showing, 

and truth be told, 

of simplest mind, 

to cut to kill, 

those whom are mine. 

he seeks control, 

in deepest mind, 

trying to catch me, 

off my guard. 

To stay strong, 

not gone, 

is strictly hard, 

I'm not a wizard, 

nor am I a bard, 

but madness is present, 

and darkness is here, 

beware beware, 

fear, fear. 





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