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Camel (standard:romance, 5283 words)
Author: Shamoil AhmadAdded: Feb 05 2012Views/Reads: 1157/1000Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is the story of an Imam of a Mosque enjoying a responsible position in the Muslim community, but conducting in a manner that even a harlot finds obnoxious . The Imam of a mosque is enamoured of a woman of easy virtue. While it is known that her char

Shamoil Ahmad 


Maulana Barkatullah Warsi's camel was  sturdy and Sakeena had the
dextricity of a rope maker...Maulana was not embarrassed that his 
relation with Sakeena was like that of a camel and a rope. But he was 
also the Imam of the mosque and this occasionally made him aware of his 
guilt, gave him occasional jitters. It is necessary to know where 
actually  the urge begins. It begins with the eyes. Just...protect your 
eyes. The eyes were fixed on the hole of the door and Sakeena, squatted 
on the floor, was having bath. Crooning out ‘' La ilaha illillah 
.....'' she poured the last bucket of water on her person and stood up 
to conclude his bathing. Maulana looked dazed. Sakeena's butt was 
twisted like an upturned arch in such a manner that while her breasts 
inched forward, her rear protruded backward. The meaty portion of her 
entire body seemed to have deposited on her butt. Sakina, with a swift 
jerk, threw back her locks and Maulana noticed beads of water trickling 
down on the arch of her back and depositing on her butt. Maulana went 
home, wolfishly feasted on his wife and proceeded to the bathroom. That 
day he had gone to the house of Rahmat Ali to give him an 
amulet......he was a regular visitor there. Rahmat Ali was unwell those 
days. It appeared to him that someone had cast some evil spirit on his 
house which was precisely why the prosperity and happiness had deserted 
the household. The only son Hashmat too had taken to gambling and god 
knows from where he had brought in Sakeena, the mother of two children, 
to this house. Sakeena had come in with nikahnama, the certificate of 
marriage. Rahmat Ali was forced to countenance this as his son had duly 
married her. But for his wife Begam Rahmat it was difficult to digest 
and the neighbors took no time in declaring that Sakeena was the kept, 
a consort, of Hashmat. Rahmat Ali was having a burning sensation in 
every joint of his fingers. When doctors failed to diagnose the 
problem, it was Maulana who they came to. Maulana read out from the 
Holy Scripture and took the measurement of his shirt. It fell short by 
a finger. Maybe, it was spell of evil spirit . The following day he 
went to the Rahmat Alis with Solomon's ring .. The door to the 
courtyard was ajar. He knocked at it. There was no response. Maulana 
coughed his way in. There was no one to be seen. But there was the 
sound of falling water coming from the bath. The bathroom was adjacent 
to the hand pump in the courtyard. His curiosity grew when he heard 
some crooning sound emanating from inside the bathroom and moved close 
to the hole on the door....and fixed his eyes on the peeping hole... 
Yes, it's the eyes that need to be protected and one should know that 
in the matters of trappings women were extremely wily. Ever since 
Sakeena had moved in, something or the other was regularly happening. 
She would keep pressing her demands and she had the backing of the 
nikahnama. Begam Rahmat kept fuming if ever Sakeena put her hands on 
anything. But in the presence of Hashmat, she could not have her say. 
If ever Sakeena brewed tea, Begum Rahmat would go wild, but helpless in 
the presence of Hashmat. She would keep a watch on her to see if she 
was stealing sugar. One day she was caught while in the act. Hashmat 
had gone somewhere. Sakeena had run short of her ration; her children 
were crying hoarse as they were hungry. Maulana was then seated on the 
verandah. Sakeena entered the kitchen to fetch milk for her children 
and Begum caught her in the act of stealing. “You bitch! Do I have to 
give milk for your bastard...?” With her children hungry and crying 
furiously, the mother acquired the strength of a lioness. With one 
swift jerk she extricated her hand. “You old wretch...!” “Shut up! 
Arguing with me...?” Begum Rahmat held her by her locks. Sakeena too 
held her by her locks.... “Arrey....arrey...!” Rahmat Ali came running. 
“Turned it into a harridan house....a harridan house...!” Both were in 
the severe jostling act of muscle flexing, beating...Rahmat Ali somehow 
separated the two. Sakeena's eyes were disgorging fire and brimstone. 
She stood firmly and defiantly there with her disheveled hair. Seeing 
this dreadful appearance of Sakeena, Rahmat Ali got frightened. Begum 
Rahmat too was shivering. Milk was procured for her starving children 
but the sense of insecurity got ingrained and deepened in the psyche of 
Sakeena. Maulana counseled Rahmat Ali. “Hashmat has formally married's not proper to commit excesses on her...” When Sakeena came 
to the courtyard, Maulana quietly and stealthily thrust a fifty rupees 
note into her hand as he said, “Arrange milk for your children.”  
Sakeena quietly looked at him. “Take it as loan now. When Hashmat 
comes, return it.” No matter how illiterate or unlettered a woman, she 
is adept at reading the hunger in the eyes of men and males too easily 
read the sense of insecurity in the eyes of women. Both read the 

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