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Sugar Cube . (standard:romance, 4433 words)
Author: Shamoil AhmadAdded: Feb 06 2012Views/Reads: 1419/855Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
There was impact of Venus on Rashda…she used to kiss Usman… Rashda’s beauty was enchanting…lips like jewel…teeth closely knit pearls…and Venus was perched high on Pisces while she was born a Virgo.

Sugar Cube Shamoil Ahmad 

There was impact of Venus on Rashda...she used to kiss Usman... Rashda's
beauty was enchanting...lips like jewel...teeth closely knit 
pearls...and Venus was perched high on Pisces while she was born a 
Virgo. In Virgo it was full moon and Rashda's cheeks had the lustre of 
sunshine, the eyes would sparkle with golden colour and on her lips 
drawn up like well spread out rainbow ...and to Usman Rashda was all 
sugar cube.... Usually, it is the paramour who is likened to sugar 
cube....but Rashda was not Usman's paramour. Rashda was the wife of 
Usman and Venus was ..... After day long racking of brain in the office 
when he returned home, she would accost him with ardor and amorous 
appeal, with a smile she would put her hands across his neck, tenderly 
kiss him and would say,”tired, aren't you?” And he would feel he had 
walked into a benign shade of comfort after having been subjected to a 
daylong scorching heat. Usman had not been married long, but he was 
under total spell of Rashda's hairy locks. Her captivating beauteous 
face was always before his eyes. He did not find any interest in office 
files. His heart always yearned to run into Rashda's arms.... Whenever 
his boss was on tour, Usman would on, one pretext or other, rush back 
home to Rashda. She would sweetly whisper into his ears. “Why, what 
happened...? Couldn't concentrate mind on work...?” She would giggle 
uninterruptedly long enough. Even nightingale could not have matched 
the mellifluousness of her giggle and this continual giggle put Usman 
out of countenance. Usman was one of those men who considered it a sin 
to even stare at any other women. It was not that on reaching home, he 
at once took her into his arms and planted kisses on her....or if ever 
he feelingly touched her cheeks to say that she looked fabulous....! 
Those men who do not ogle other women do not treat their wives in this 
manner. But men have nails. They have the symptoms of animals. If there 
was an animal in Usman, it certainly was not lion...not even wolf...not 
even money...maybe rabbit...or lamb that belonged to Aries sign of 
Zodiac. His hands were robust, but his grip was very tender. He did not 
rough-handle...he touched Rashda with a kind of tenderness that was 
akin to groping for something in the dark. What would one see if one 
were to see the act of love-making in the mirror...? Sex in its rudest 
form would be on display. But that was not what happened with 
Usman...his eyes would not go wild...his breath would not show that 
impetuousness...he would not crush her into his arms...would not clench 
his teeth...his fingers would not go mischievous and softly explore her 
butt and gradually go down....nothing of this kind ever happened...he 
would fondle her cheeks in a way that was reminiscent of a lady wiping 
the powder off her face with a handkerchief. And Rashda with her 
murderous coquetry would shower mellifluousness...sometimes kissing 
eyes...sometimes lips...sometimes softly nibbling at the ends of his 
ears with her lips and burst out into a 
laughter....khil...khil...khil.khil...and her bangles would ring out 
the clinking sound, and her anklets would make a ringing sound that 
would mingle with the sound of the bangles that would transport Usman 
into a world of oblivion....he would lie quiet...sinking high and low 
along the waves of delight....he would keep his eyes closed and would 
feel that Rashda was that cup of wine supplied by nature specifically 
for him....! And Saturn was looking askance at this supply of 
wine....Saturn was keeping a close watch on Venus.... And Saturn is 
cunning...dark in colour...robust hands...uneven teeth...eyes looking 
sideways...the lord of Capricorn...the lord of Aquarius.... The window 
of the flat right in front opened on the side of Usman's room and a 
youth was often seen there. He had hair standing on his head....thick 
and dark...the arms were full of hair...strong chest and the eyes had 
the sedate colour of Saturn.... Usman felt that the lad unnecessarily 
kept standing there. At times leaning on the window, he would be seen 
reading book....sometimes puffing times just peeping out 
keeping his face leaning on the grill....this to Usman looked 
detestable. One day Rashida in the course of combing her hair went and 
stood at the window. Suddenly, a mysterious smile emerged on her lips. 
Usman looked out of the window. The youth was standing close to the 
window. The moment he noticed Usman watching him, he slithered away. 
Rashda too moved away. Usman shut the window. That day while working in 
the office, he found the lurking image of that lad floating before his 
eyes. When he returned home that day, the first he saw was the window. 
It was closed. But it appeared to Usman that the window was open and 
had just been closed...and it seemed even the closed window was 
complaining. Usman noticed the latch was down. He remembered he had put 
the latch on while going. He opened the window and looked out. Clinging 
close to the window grill, the youth was smoking. Seeing Usman, he 

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