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Seeing What's Not There (standard:poetry, 313 words)
Author: LoriAdded: Feb 08 2012Views/Reads: 1060/620Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
2nd poem in the child abuse series. Sometimes you can't see what needs to be seen from the outside. Most of us hid parts from the world. But often times those are the things that need to be seen the most.

Seeing What's Not There 

It was a birthday party 

for one of my childhood friends. 

Everything seemed perfectly normal. 

Wasn't a day for the world to end. 

I stood in the very back. 

Didn't want to draw any attention. 

Besides, the world I lived in 

was out of these girls comprehension. 


While they giggled with delight, 

I cringed with untold fear. 

Was so scared someone would notice 

a bruise or my lack of cheer. 

But they were all blinded 

by the mask I chose to put on. 

Learned from an early age, 

how easily laughter was to don. 


They didn't meet a stranger. 

Greeted every man with a hug and smile. 

I shied away and hid in a corner. 

Didn't want to meet another who'd beguile. 

Didn't want to feel another's hand 

touching a place forbidden. 

Didn't want to feel another's kiss. 

Or feel like my will was being overridden. 


When asked to join in on the fun 

I'd look for some secret place to go. 

Somewhere to be invisible. 

Some place he wouldn't know. 

Away from his piercing eyes. 

Away from his scorching touch. 

Away from his devil's mouth. 

Away from his smothering clutch. 


Those days are tarnished 

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