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Playing Adult Games (standard:poetry, 224 words)
Author: LoriAdded: Feb 08 2012Views/Reads: 1681/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
I started a child abuse series to raise awareness for an epidemic that knows no boundaries. Here it is 30 years later after it touched my life still going on strong. This is the first poem in my new series.

Playing Adult Games 

The make-up can't disguise 

the hideous scars buried deep inside. 

It simply assists in covering up 

the crime from which he still denies. 

It also helps mark the tracks 

of the numerous tears she's cried. 

A little girl lost in a woman's body. 

In a past where she's the guide. 


Paths are labeled despair and anguish. 

Mouths are taped to silence. 

Eyes are squeezed shut to blind. 

No one must know of the violence. 

Collars are worn by wild animals. 

To the boy there wasn't much difference. 

Acceptance is the only thing excepted. 

As he took away her innocence. 


For five harrowing and degrading years 

she was his slave and sexual toy. 

In that time she learned of filthy things. 

Most important was not to madden or annoy. 

Anything other than compliance awakened 

the angry beast hidden within the teenage boy. 

Furious fists would fly, burning bruises would form. 

His ultimate goal was to conquer and destroy. 


Looking at the woman today you won't 

see signs of what happened long ago. 

Only a certain few understand her story. 

She doesn't allow her stringing past to show. 

She has children and a granddaughter now. 

They get the love she has to bestow. 

But, if you peer beyond her well placed mask 

you'll see the results of her survivor's glow. 


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