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No entry (standard:mystery, 1008 words)
Author: Lev821Added: Feb 23 2012Views/Reads: 2796/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
What is the mystery behind the building that has no doors or windows?

"Are you sure it's this way?" 

"Positive, I came this way the last time I visited," said Martin
Randolf, climbing over the unsteady fence onto the dirt track. Oswin 
Douglas also climbed over and the two twelve year olds walked further 
into the countryside. The path twisted and turned into the distance and 
disappeared amongst a small wood. The path was only five feet wide and 
was flanked on both sides by a low fence, beyond which were large 
fields that spread as far as the eye could see. The town of Straloch, 
Scotland, was four miles east, and the path that spread behind the two 
boys led to a small village so tiny not even a local area map would 
acknowledge its presence. Ahead, the path wound towards Inverey which 
was sixteen miles north of Straloch. 

They were both heading towards a building which had no doors or windows
and used to be a tourist attraction. It was approximately forty feet 
long and thirty feet wide. Everybody who had tried to gain entry to it 
had failed to find an opening. Nobody could find an entrance and it has 
baffled people through the ages who had tried to figure out the enigma 
. After a few minutes, they entered into the forest which loomed above 
them in an archway. The area became gloomy and the path turned away to 
the left. The daylight tried to penetrate through but it only managed 
to create a dark grey feel. "How far now?" asked Oswin. It's actually 
just behind this wood". Martin replied. They walked deeper, following 
the path, unafraid of its dark, silent areas. “You know I still can't 
believe you haven't heard of it," said Martin. "Well It's hardly my 
fault is it? You know I'm not sure this place actually exists". 

"Well what the bloody hell are we doing miles away out here. If it was a
joke then it wouldn't be very funny". The path became narrower as it 
wound its way out of the wood. The gloom from within the trees blended 
into the daylight and the two boys emerged, the path ahead disappearing 
into the distance. "Here it is," said Martin. Oswin looked with 
curiosity as he saw that beyond the fence to the left, was a large, 
unrecognisable building. "So it exists then," he said. "Yes, there's 
supposed to be an entrance, but nobody can find it. You will be rich if 
you do". "Do you think so?" said Oswin. "Definitely, the puzzle has 
evaded people through out the ages, so if you manage to find a way in, 
you'll be rolling in cash," "Let's go over then," said Oswin, crossing 
over to the fence. He climbed over, followed by Martin. They walked 
over to the structure and gazed at its splendour. 

The building looked as though it had grown from the very ground itself,
and the large bricks that made up the four walls were of a dark grey 
colour, worn by age, rather like a castle. It was only fifteen feet 
high, yet it was impossible to climb because there were no grips which 
could be used to help ascend it. They both walked around it, constantly 
searching for a possible way in, but could not see any clue as to 
revealing its mystery. On the fourth round, Martin stopped and walked 
towards a tree which was only feet away from the building. "I'll have a 
go at climbing this, maybe I can see something on the roof that could 
let us in" he said, beginning to climb. Oswin walked around to the 
opposite side of the structure. He then had an idea which seemed to be 
worth a try, yet it seemed a little bizarre, but as nobody was out here 
to see him, he turned and stood approximately two feet away from the 
wall with his eyes closed. Extending his right arm forward, he touched 
one of the wall's grey bricks. In his mind he pictured the same wall, 
but instead, saw it with an open doorway, directly in front of him. He 
stepped forward, and could no longer feel the wall. 

He continued onwards, engulfed in blackness, inside the building. He
opened his eyes and was struck immediately by the brightness around 
him. There were many sights impossible to exist in the real world. 
People and objects were near and far. He could see streets, cars 
driving past and even through each other. Animals ran around in a 
distant countryside and there were snowy wastelands blending into high 
temperature deserts. They were changing, moving, existing for a few 
moments before disappearing to be replaced by something else. 

There was no sound. It was as if he was in a sound proof booth. Then he
realised, there was nothing beneath his feet, yet he was not falling, 
nor hovering. It was as if he was standing on a sheet of glass. An 
expanding universe of changing, visual images surrounded him like a 
dream, for that was exactly what it was, many people's collected 
dreams. What they were dreaming at the moment was present around him. 
If they woke up, it would disappear, and when somebody fell asleep, 
their dreams would appear. Whose dreams they were, he did not know, but 
he did know that he didn't want to leave. He wanted to be here for as 
long as possible. 

He walked forward, into thousands of dreams. 

Martin climbed down the tree and walked around the building, expecting
to find Oswin, but he was not there. Checking the surrounding area, he 
was nowhere to be found. He crossed back to the building and knew that 
he had found an entrance. Oswin was the only person in history to have 
found the portal. He knew he would, that was why he had brought him 
here, to see if whether or not he was worthy of entering the 
dreamworld. Only by finding the entrance was he worthy. 

Martin smiled, and walked forward, through the wall, soon to join his
friend once again. 


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