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The Lost World (standard:fantasy, 973 words)
Author: Peace Added: Mar 21 2012Views/Reads: 4516/1048Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Una and her friends Aden and Persephone find a old map leading to the Lost World. This world is where humans use to walk on but now is known as, Taika. Along this mystical journey creautures get in there way and Aden and Persephone have to fight them off

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Aden was from the fire clan. He had brown hair and his eyes glimmered
like fire. If you looked at him you would probably think he was what 
you called “normal”. Persephone on the other hand was the princess of 
the earth clan. It's really rare for a person from royalty to hang out 
with commoners but she is different. She doesn't care about the 
difference in ourclass. She just couldn't stand being cooped up in the 
palace listening to her attendant tell her the list of things she had 
to do. Persephone is one of the people who I described in the beginning 
who have vines for hair and green skin. She looked kind of like Mother 

I climbed out the window and down the vines on the side of the house. I
jumped down making a perfect landing. Aden and Persephone held up their 
hands pretending they were giving scores announcing I had perfect tens. 
I smiled bowing showing my gratitude. 

“So what shall we do today Mrs. Royalty?” joked Aden 

“I think we should go to my grandfather's secret cabin and my name is
not Mrs. Royalty.” said Persephone. 

“That sounds like a plan to me.” I said 

I like going on little adventures with my friends. We always had so much
fun and ended up getting ourselves into trouble. We walked through the 
woods and had to make a quick stop. There is a voice commandment for 
all earth clans so nobody could make an assault on any of the royalty. 

“Primary.” Persephone whispered and the woods opened up and shown the
beautiful earth clan base. The birds flew across the clear blue sky and 
the flowers welcomed us in. We walked towards on waving to the clan 
people. Each clan member we seen bowed showing their graditude to the 


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