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The Lost World (standard:fantasy, 973 words)
Author: Peace Added: Mar 21 2012Views/Reads: 4621/1131Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Una and her friends Aden and Persephone find a old map leading to the Lost World. This world is where humans use to walk on but now is known as, Taika. Along this mystical journey creautures get in there way and Aden and Persephone have to fight them off

The Lost World 

I live in a mystical world. A world where anything unusual is just
another average day here. Where people have green colored faces, and 
have vines growing out their heads for hair. Trees talk, and unknown 
creaturesroam the ground we walk on. Fog actually creeps over the land, 
and powers exist. This is not your ordinary world, this is a world 
called Taika, the planet of magic. 

My home is in a little town called Green Terra. It is known for its
lovely scenery. The wishing flowers, talking trees, and bushes cover 
the area and its translucent serene lake. From generation to generation 
my families possessed the power to manipulate water in its many forms. 
Usually at the age of thirteen your powers awaken, but for some reason 
mines didn't. Grandfather said my time would come, that I was special. 
But I don't think that time will ever come. I will never be able to 
create water out of thin air, or make a huge wave just from a drop from 

“Una, come inside.” That's my name Una, it means “white wave”. It is the
perfect name for me, because I have silver white hair and fair skin, 
unique in every way. 

I walked into our beautiful small cottage. Our cottage was beige with
brown shutters. Vines crawled up on the side of the house blooming with 
rare flowers. I walked into the kitchen and seen my mom cooking a 
delicious meal. The aroma smelled so good I could taste it. 

“Una, go help your brother train with grandfather in the back. I think
they might need some help with the equipment.” 

I moaned and went out the back door. Just because my powers didn't kick
in yet they expect me to help everybody else with their training. I 
hate being on the side lines watching them have all the fun. I can't 
wait till I get my powers and get to tag along on their adventures. 

When I reached outside I saw my brother forming water and throwing it at
the defense dummy, leaving a piercing hole through its body. My 
grandfather was congratulating him when he noticed my presence. 

“Hello, are you here to help us this afternoon.” 

“Yes, that what it appears.” 

My big brother, Destin stared my way and gave me a slight smirk. He
thinks he's better than me because he got his powers before I got mine. 
He is always teasing me. Even though I don't have my powers he fails to 
realize that I am wiser then he is. He can be so careless at times 
that, one day it's going to hurt him in the long run. 

I went into the shack and grabbed another newly improved dummy. All the
other equipment was on their shelves. We had all sorts of battle 
equipment: swords, nun chucks, spears, bows and arrows. The usual 
anybody would have. I closed the door behind me and placed the dummy in 
front of my brother. 

“Una, how about you train with us today.” 

“Really I can!” I said excitedly. 

“Why not, even if your powers don't kick in you need to learn some self

I pulled on my lucky gloves and started my training. I would have never
known that I was so good at this. Grandfather said I had a gift for 
this kind of thing. Maybe I didn't need my powers I could fight without 

I finished up my training with Destin and grandfather and went back in
the house. My dad was sleep on the sofa snoring loud enough for the 
neighbors to hear. I smiled and went upstairs to my room. I sat on my 
cozy purple bed and stared at the ceiling. It was so quiet I could hear 
my own heartbeat. Then it was interrupted by the sound of pebbles being 
thrown at my window. I jumped up and looked out the window to see my 
two best friends Aden and Persephone. 

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