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Daisies (standard:other, 708 words)
Author: jenne64Added: Apr 10 2001Views/Reads: 2497/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A shopping trip with a difference. Feedback always appreciated.


By Jenne64 


Mel watched her friend's face light up as they entered the store. At
eight months, pregnant Sarah didn't so much walk as waddle, but she 
made her way straight to the stroller that had caught her eye through 
the shop's window. 

"This is the one I want. Not that I'm likely to get it. A little out of
my price range," Sarah sighed as her hand traveled the length of the 
brightly-colored stroller. 

Mel glanced round, taking in the store and it's staff. 

'Shouldn't be too hard,' she concluded to herself as they left the


Each day, Mel returned to the mall and studied the staff in the small
shop. Planning her adventures was half the fun. She felt her pulse 
quicken each time she entered the bright cheerful shop. 

Today was the day all her careful planning would pay off. Today she
would take Sarah her daisy covered stroller and watch her face light up 
with delight. 

Mel glanced at her watch. 12.01pm. She knew that at any moment the
manageress would leave for lunch. Sure enough, the tubby woman appeared 
around the corner and hurried away to purchase her low-calorie 
sandwich.  Mel moved forward. She had come prepared. The pillow that 
nestled beneath her coat gave her the appearance she needed. 

Her heart raced as she neared the open door. Only one thing stood
between her and that beautiful pushchair, a gawky trainee. A strange 
mixture of warmth and coolness hit her as she stepped through the doors 
and into the bright lights of the store. The smell of baby powder 
wafted around as she browsed the neatly-stacked shelves. She picked up 
several items. The trainee paid her no attention, too wrapped up in a 
magazine as she stood behind the counter. A small bead of sweat 
appeared on Mel's head as she approached the stroller in the display. 
She glanced behind her as she placed her sweaty palm on the handle of 
the chair, admiring the daisies. Gently she pulled it backwards, her 
heart racing as she noticed the Trainee making her way across the shop 

"Can I help you Miss?" she heard the girl enquire. 

"I'm just looking thanks," Mel answered, voice calm. 

"That's a lovely one isn't it? Long to go to the 'big event'?" 

"Umm; a month or so. Do you know if they do this in another color? I'm
not keen on the yellow daisies. I think it would look better in blue." 
Mel looked straight into the blue eyes of the shop assistant as she 

"I'm not sure. I can go and check if you've time to wait." 

"I'd really appreciate that," answered Mel, seizing the chance she
needed to accomplish her plan. 

She watched as the girl sauntered into the stockroom, waiting only
seconds after the door closed before pushing the stroller towards the 
open store door. She didn't run, although she wanted to. She forced 
herself to remain calm, her eyes never leaving the stockroom door until 
she reached the open door and freedom. 

She pushed the stroller outside, moving quickly but not so fast that she
would draw attention to herself. She felt a sense of pride at her 
latest accomplishment, as she bent forward and removed the tags from 
the chair and proceeded on her way. Occasionally, she would glance 
round, just to check that she hadn't been followed. 

She took the long way home today, savoring her moment of glory. Reaching
Sarah's door, she knocked sharply. Excitement filled her very being as 
she waited for the door to open. 

Sarah peered around the doors edge, face alight with delight at the
sight of Mel. 

"I've got something for you," Mel informed her, grabbing her hand and
leading Sarah around the corner, admiring her swollen belly. 

Mel watched Sarah's face as they neared the chair, waiting for the
squeal of delight that her friend would give at the sight of the 
brightly-colored daisies. Instead Sarah just stood and stared at the 

"What's the matter? You said you wanted it, so I got it for you." 

"It's lovely," said Sarah, "but I wanted the one with the green daisies.
Can you take it back and exchange it? 



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