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Forever Always (standard:romance, 9242 words)
Author: A. G. SanchezAdded: Apr 10 2001Views/Reads: 6024/3348Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Forever Always is about an orphan girl who is sent to live on a farm with her relatives and ends up finding true love...i would love feedback...thanks! Hope you enjoy!

Forever Always 

A. G. Sanchez 

Chapter One 

The hot water was mingling with my tears as I reached for the knob to
turn the water up some more. My skin was red from the water and 
screaming to cool off. I didnít life was over with. What did 
I care if I burned myself? I heard my cousin Fiona pounding on the 
door, calling to me, but I ignored her. I didnít want to be bothered. 
The pounding on the door stopped but not in my head. My head was aching 
with pain, while my body burned. Still, I cried. Today was the day my 
life was to be different. I didnít have parents anymore. 

In one day, my life was broken up, shattered to pieces. I went to my new
school in a new town that morning, scared of what the other kids would 
think of me. When I came home with happy news on how I made many 
friends, my parents were dead. They were in a car accident heading to 
work that morning. An oncoming bus didnít see them and hit them killing 
my mother instantly while my dad survived long enough for me to see him 
one last time. No one on the bus was injured. I wouldnít have been able 
to tell it was my dad if the nurses hadnít told me. His usually blond 
hair was matted with blood. His once lively green eyes, so much like 
mine, looked so empty and his body, his body was so mangled, you 
wouldnít have been able to tell he was big and tall. 

I just sat there; not knowing what to do or say to him, knowing his time
was short. He tried to tell me something, but couldnít get the words 
around his tongue. I cried for my mother, I cried for my father. Never 
again would they see the light of day. My father died when he finally 
got the words out he wanted to say. His last words to me were, ďIt 
wasnít our fault, and we loved you very much.Ē He looked as if he 
wanted to say more but he died after that one sentence. Never will I 
forget the way he said it, so strained and painful. My aunt and uncle 
flew in from Montana to take me home with them after the funeral. My 
Aunt Terri was my motherís younger sister. She had jet-black hair and 
plain brown eyes, so unlike my mother who had light blonde hair and 
light gray eyes. My aunt was short and chubby while my mother was tall 
and slender. My Uncle David was tall, but not as tall as my father was. 
He had light brown hair and blue eyes. My aunt and uncle were both mean 
and selfish and didnít care about anyone but themselves. Before the 
funeral, I heard my Aunt Terri say that I didnít look like either one 
of my parents. But I didnít think so. I had the same eye color as my 
father. Wasnít that enough? 

The funeral was small and short. We were new to town and didnít know
anyone very well, but family came. Before I knew it, it was over. I was 
packed up to go to Montana, and I was on a plane sitting next to my 
sleeping aunt and complaining cousin. I was in a daze the whole day, 
not knowing what I was doing or saying. I just sat in my new room in 
Montana, thinking of what would have been instead of this. My aunt 
suggested I take a shower to ease my mind but once the hot water hit my 
face, the tears came pouring down. 

I turned the knob to off and just stood there, letting the last of my
tears fall. Once I was chilled to the bone, I wrapped myself up in a 
huge towel and went into my room. I looked around me and saw nothing of 
my usual room. A small twin bed against a green wall, a dresser, a desk 
with paper and pen on it and a small lamp on the nightstand beside the 
bed. Nothing like my old room with a queen bed and purple walls. I 
looked out the window at the setting sun against the horizon still in 
the towel. 

Montana was nothing like New York with the big buildings standing tall.
Instead of buildings there were trees every where and plenty of land 
for horses to live off of. 

My seventeenth birthday was in a three weeks, but I wasnít as happy as I
was when my parents were alive. Then, I knew my birthday would have 
been filled with love. Now, it was just like a day that would come and 
go as always. My Aunt Terri, my momís sister, and Uncle David didnít 
really want me with them. They had their hands full with Fiona, the 
fourteen-year-old brat. My uncle was a workaholic on his ranch and 
barely spent any time with his family, while my aunt was the stay at 

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