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Easter Tribute to Godspenman (standard:Inspirational stories, 938 words)
Author: CyranoAdded: Apr 02 2012Views/Reads: 1451/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A thank you for so many inspirational stories from your pen!

I can see the line coming around the corner of Union Square from where
it starts; the front door at Macy's. At the front of the line I can 
make out one familiar face; that of a man sat in a wheel chair, well 
known in the Square, an ex-Vietnam veteran, now a street vagrant often 
seen begging for money. He sits in his chair most days holding up a 
sign: ‘Vietnam Vet, homeless, jobless, legless.' He has his legs but he 
might as well not for all the use they are. I spoke to him one time, a 
man caught up in a helicopter crash while being pulled out of Khe Sanh, 
paralyzed from the waist down and using heroine for pain. San 
Francisco, like any city has its drug problems, and yet today we still 
deny people in the most fearful pain the most effective pain killers, 
help and Opium. 

He sits at the head of a line with his sign, people waiting for the
store to open advertising a shoe sale. One day only, 50% off the lowest 
marked price. With luck I can get the pair I've had my eye on for a 
week now, regularly $140, now with a chance to get them for fifty 

It's a chilly morning, the early sun periodically appearing from behind
tall buildings. If I could move up just fifty people I would be stood 
in a crack of brilliant sunshine. It's still fifteen minutes to 
opening.  People are anticipating the opening, and shuffle forward. Ten 
yards more and I'll be bathed in sunshine. I'm seldom comfortable 
talking with strangers, but the guy standing beside me now, as anxious 
I think to get into the sunshine, cheerfully offers me a ‘good morning' 
with a smile to go along with its cheerfulness. He goes on to tell me 
He's waiting to get some new sandals. “Look at these,” He says, holding 
up one sandaled foot. “I haven't had a new pair in two thousand years!” 

I laugh at the joke. That said, looking at them, I could see quite
plainly there was every possibility, looking at their condition, they 
are indeed two thousand years old, and I smile to myself. 

Ten minutes to opening and the line squeezes up some more. Nearly there,
another five yards and the warmth will be instantaneous. People are 
pushing now, we are all leaning on each other, eagerly awaiting the 
sudden rush. I look at the guy standing next to me, and say: “Have you 
ever seen something like this?” 

“Not since my crucifixion, Kelly.” 

I've always loved people who can come out with funny one liners. I turn
to look at the man responsible for my laughter. He has the face of an 
angel. I don't know why but I suddenly felt I was standing in sunshine. 

“It wasn't that funny, Kelly, it hurt like hell!” 

Just when you think your laughter cannot become more, it does. It
becomes an ache, a stomach turning ache that forces tears to your eyes, 
and you want it to stop, but it won't. It just keeps finding a way to 
hurt more. I want to cry. I want to ask for help. 

“Man, you should be a stand-up comic. Brilliant!” I tell Him. 

“Thanks, you've done some good things too. I've been watching your act.”
I don't look at Him, feeling suddenly afraid. “You've got to forget the 
bad and do some good, okay, you're not finished, you have a chance, 
people believe in you, but it doesn't get any easier, just make sure 
you tell people you love them.” 

I want to look at Him but cannot, so I just listen. I'm in shade but
feel the warmth of love surrounding me. Across the road I see a man 
holding up a sign: ‘No sob story, no work, just need help.' I look down 
at my old shoes, still reasonable and only two years old. I leave the 
line and cross the road, walking up to the guy with his sign and put my 
fifty dollar shoe money into his hand. 

I'm still chuckling to myself at the man's funny one liner as I cross
the street heading for my car. I'm amazed to see the man's face, the 
one I recognize from the wheelchair, with many people standing around 
him, weeping as he staggers, walks, and staggers a little more with 
each step gaining in strength and many people coming to gather and 
stand near him and they are amazed. On the man's feet, a two thousand 
year old pair of sandals. 

People in the street are crying and staring at this man. I look toward
the corner of Union Square just in time to see a Man, wearing a new 
pair of Timberland sandals, and smiling a smile that shines its 
kindliness in a world that has a lot of ugliness. He raises his arm and 
as he does so I find myself standing in a crack of sunshine.  I won't 
be in Union Square for Easter Sunday but if my Friend is I hope there 
is a long line of people waiting to hear what He has to say. His one 
liners are brilliant. 

"For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that
whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” 

Happy Easter, reader, think kindly of those who do not have. Thank you
for what you are to me, for all the love, for all the forgiveness and 
understanding when I've been clumsy or thoughtless. We make our own 


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